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by J.Crawford on January 16, 2012

There is a boat load of information online on how to do affiliate marketing for beginners and it isn’t my intention to add to the noise with this post but to share some insight into the successful affiliate marketing mindset you need to develop as a beginner.  I’m also going to show you a resource specifically for those of you WordPress users who are building a profitable affiliate marketing business.  I get a lot of comments and emails from people asking what the best way to start an online business is and I usually respond with one of two answers: Blogging or Affiliate Marketing.

They really go hand in hand and are the foundation of a successful business that operates completely online.  That isn’t to say that you should only consider a business that is run exclusively on the Internet.   I’ve owned and still own businesses that operate off line, online, and I’m currently developing two that do both.  Affiliate marketing can make any business more profitable as another form of marketing, but this article is going to focus on how to do affiliate marketing for beginners online.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching for Beginners

In order to build a real business you have to really get the right mindset.  Coaching for affiliate marketing that doesn’t include the importance of the correct mindset won’t be effective.  Successful mindsets make successful employees, entrepreneurs,parents, and athletes but each mindset is different, isn’t it?  I heard an analogy that told the story of bringing water to a city.  The story clearly revealed the correct mindset that you need to have in order to build a successful affiliate marketing business as a beginner. Here is the story:

There was a town called opportunity and the town didn’t have water readily available in the city limits so people would get up every morning, grab buckets and go out to where the water was and carry buckets. One day an ambitious young man named Bill got the idea that instead of going to his job everyday he could just carry water for people and they would pay him.  He realized he could make more money carrying water for the towns people.  So he went and bought some buckets and started carrying water. People loved it and soon more people wanted him to carry water that he could handle so he hired a couple employees to help him. Then Bill bought a truck and a trailer to keep up with the demand. Life was good, he was making money and people were loving the fact that they didn’t have to carry water any more.

NOTE:  The story so far, pretty accurately depicts a self employment opportunity for Bill and jobs for his employees.  If this guy quits carrying water, he quits getting paid. I’ve been self employed and still am really, but there is a big difference between being self employed and owning a business. You should do both.  Read the second part of the story below:

One morning as BOB was watching Bill’s bucket carriers bringing water to the city and he got an idea.  Bob started contacting people and buying supplies, and pipe.  Bill went out and had another well dug and he started building a pipeline from the well to the city.  People would laugh at Bob, saying he was crazy, after all he wasn’t making any money at all and the pipeline wasn’t getting done very fast.  Bob kept at it though, he learned the things he needed to learn (coaching)  about building a pipeline and was persistent in his efforts.  About 8 months latter Bob had completed his pipeline.  The towns people had never seen a pipeline and frankly they thought Bob was off his rocker and wondered why he would waste so much time building the pipeline.  Well on morning Bob went out to the town square and turned the valve on his pipeline and water came rushing out. People were amazed.  Bill was out of business because Bobs water was much less expensive.

Bob built a business.  A business is a system or set of systems that work together to create a desired result.  Usually those results have something to do with using resource efficiently, the two most common resources are time and money.

If you want to know how to do affiliate marketing the right way, think of building a pipeline in stead of carrying buckets.  Learn how to build an affiliate marketing business system that works.  Sure there are some smart “bucket carrying” tactics too and they should be a part of any beginners business model, but when you start with a plan to build a real business you’re always building toward that even while you’re bucket carrying in the beginning.  The time to have a map is before you go into the woods.

Affiliate Marketing “How To” For Beginners

One of the crucial keys to learning how to do affiliate marketing as a beginner is getting the correct information and Internet business coaching.  There are literally hundreds of TACTICS you can implement in affiliate marketing.  But tactics alone won’t help you build a successful online business with affiliate marketing.  What beginners lack is a solid plan, with clear steps from the beginning to the end.  Sorting through the noise has become almost impossible and it has created a ridiculous learning curve for beginners tying to master affiliate marketing.  That is precisely why affiliate marketing coaching is crucial for beginners to succeed with it online.

Like I said, the time to have the map is Before you go into the woods.

Here is your affiliate marketing for beginners map:

Best Affiliate Marketing Coaching for Beginners

Go and listen to Anik one of the most profitable online business entrepreneurs and ex-googler.  He has made a fortune online and, you guessed it, he chose affiliate marketing as his vehicle to reach his online income goals.  Anik has opened a 15 week affiliate marketing coaching program for beginners and it’s the best affiliate marketing coaching for beginners  you’ll find anywhere~ Trust me on that one.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching for Beginners

Go and watch the video (it’s 8 minutes long) and you’ll see that Anik is for real.  I believe this program will be the biggest contribution he has the online world including his time at Google.  If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing as a beginner, this is the first step in creating some different results in 2012.

Go listen to what Anik has to share with you and get a affiliate marketing road map that will take years off you learning curve, show you how to build a real business online, and teach you affiliate marketing like nothing else.

Affiliate Marketing With WordPress

I just got an email about a profitable platform that affiliate marketers are using to make more money with their wordpress sites. If you are using wordpress to build you online business, I recommend checking it out.  If you’ve been at affiliate marketing for a while of have had a web presence for a couple years, you’ve noticed some big changes over the last year.  This platform has the most current and relevant strategies to build you online business.  It addresses the challenges social media has brought to SEO and just about every other change that is affecting your online business.  From panda to personalized search, these guys have some of the most valuable information, plug-ins, and strategies. Again, if you use Word Press and you make money online, you should look into this.

Get Internet Business Coaching for 2012

Thanks for reading.  If you have questions or comments let us know.  I can’t stress the importance of getting good Internet business coaching for 2012 you’ll succeed much faster and have solid understanding of how to do it right.  If you like this article please share it on twitter, face book, and google +1 .  Share with us some of the challenges you’ve faced in the last year with your online business.  I’ll be writing more on affiliate marketing coaching and sharing more on how to do affiliate marketing for beginners this year I’m currently doing some testing with physical products which is new to me.  Have you had success affiliate marketing physical products?

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