How to Improve Article Marketing Results:Affordable Article Marketing Automation.

by J.Crawford on September 29, 2008

Improve Article Marketing, Get More Traffic.

I thought I would share an idea that I have yet to mention. For people who already understand the reasons and value of article marketing, there is a simple way to improve results. I don’t think people are aware there is a simple solution to improve article marketing.

Why do people write articles to market?

To Get Back Links….and Article marketing is affordable and effective because if you can write, it is free and when you submit an article it stays on the web for a long time. The residual element to article marketing is one of my favorite aspects. But get this. Back links improve natural search results, right? So the simplest way to improve article marketing is, ONE, to write more articles, and TWO to post the articles on more article sites.

Number two is where the opportunity to improve the results of article marketing. Writing the article takes time. And submitting it to dozens of article directories takes time. I don’t recommend automating the writing of your articles, they are too important. You will be editing them anyway and making changes and changing format…etc… But, Automating Submission? Absolutely.

The Best Affordable Marketing Idea.

If your relying on article marketing to improve traffic and website visibility and your not using an article submitter, your kidding yourself. One of the most affordable marketing methods online is article marketing, when it is done right.

Don’t buy into the people who say that submitting articles with a submitter is dangerous, it is not. Article sites are Article sites they are not google. Duplicate Content, NOPE, not for you, they are not on your site, remember.

Improve the results of article marketing?

Save yourself a ton of time and earn more money, help more people, or connect with more readers by using an affordable solution to article marketing improvement.


Joe Crawford September 29, 2008 at 8:00 pm

Thanks article marketing. You bring up a great point. Getting a few hundred links in a month is probably going to hurt your relationship with the google bot.

Article Marketing September 29, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Clearly article marketing is the best way to gain relevant back links. Additionally these back links are gained slowly, not explosively; a characteristic search engines look for. In a very short period of time, your site becomes an authority site, and organic listings develop. It is vital to include appropriate anchor text, and links in the author resource box.

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