How to Make Money With Carbon Credits:Green Business Ideas.

by J.Crawford on September 16, 2008

Carbon Credits… Can you make money And help the environment, really? I’ve been interested in Carbon Credits for several years now and more specifically how to make money with carbon credits.  I’m not as much interested in investing in carbon credits as I am in business ideas for carbon offsets and the industry as a whole.  The carbon industry seems to come and go as far as public interest and the media, but I’ve discovered it is a significant market and the loyal interest is growing.  If you have questions about carbon credit business ideas or ways to make money with carbon credits, ask them in the comments of this post. Over the last several months people stop buy from the industry and answer questions, so ask them if you have them.

Green Business Ideas

There seems to be a lot more interest for green business ideas the last few years and these green business start ups are starting to attract more cash.  If you are an investor and like green offerings, I’m developing an investing ideas website this year and will list more green business ideasn and green investing ideas in the next few months. Subscribe to this blog and you’ll see the updates in your email or just come back in a few months. Anyway, I wanted to share some of the Info that has clarified the carbon credit business for me over the last few years.

 I did some research to satisfy a curiosity I had about carbon credits being a solid business idea. I had heard AL Gore talking about carbon credits as an innovative way to help the environment and wondered what he was talking about.  I hadn’t seen any real carbon credit business opportunities and wanted to figure out how to make money with carbon credits.  I’m not an entrepreneur who needs a business in box, per say, I wanted to find out how to start a carbon credit business that I could do from home or if it was even possible, I just wanted to be in the “game”.

Making money with carbon credits.

As far as making money with carbon credits, how it worked, and if it was something for me, I found this resource (How to make money with carbon credits) to be valuable, you can learn more by looking at the courseCarbon credits are just on example of green investments I looked into back in 2008. Learning how to start a business using carbon creditsmight be a wise idea in 2010, in my opinion. (I don’t give investing advice)  Brokering carbon cGreen Busines Ideas: Smart Businessredits is either going to fade faster than it came or it will be huge, and I’m guessing the later. Al Gore has literally years and millions wrapped up in this business, not only his money but a string of investors.

Learn More about how to make money with Carbon Credits or starting a carbon credit buisness by visiting various blogs and website you find online, I’ve learned there isn’t a lot of local information on Carbon investing or ways to make money with carbon credits.  Like I mentioned I did find a  Comprehensive Guide and make money in the industry, I recommend checking it out.  I believe it was 988 pages of content specifically focused on unique and accessible ways to make money in the carbon industry, but they all focus on carbon credits and carbon offsets, not re-forestation, and the more technical side of carbon investing.

How to Start a Carbon Credit Business.

As with any business you have to add value to make money, if your an entrepreneur, or have some common sense, this is nothing new.  Logic tells me if you can add value in this industry, you can earn money with carbon credits.  I’ve researched the idea enough to know who the buyers are, mostly eco-friendly professionals and companies who deem living responsibly toward the environment and intelligent proposition. The next piece to a good business idea is the sellers…. Maybe that’s were I will fit in rather than actually managing carbon offset projects, although this may be a creative way to buy large tracts of land in a leveraged way???? Think about that one. If you want to learn more about starting a carbon credit business go—-> here and see what the industry offers. Its a good place to start.

Green Investments, Carbon Credits gaining popularity.

Green home business ideas and green investments are more and more popular.  If your interested in helping the environment while making extra money carbon creditsmight be the way to go.  Many people associate green with difficult, old fashion, or expensive, it’s not any of the above.  As always people usually only get around to doing something when it benefits them.  We are humans that’s what we do.

If you know more about carbon credits please let our readers know. We Can do another post on that in the future. Thank you. For more


nabil parvez July 3, 2011 at 10:20 pm

i have a 60 acre orchard of guava,pomegranate and custard apple,around 10,000 do i calculate my carbon points?

Owen Kinyua May 26, 2011 at 4:40 am

Which agency do I need contact in Kenya to start a mega green project I have in mind.


admin January 18, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Hello Raj,

There is a link in this post to a “how to make money with carbon credits course” in this post. I believe you can get a newsletter and learn about the carbon credit business free. Basically it works like this:

Everyone has what is called a carbon foot print. Your (and my) carbon footprint is determined by how much carbon we put into the environment, mostly through daily habits like energy consumption, the food we eat, the car we drive and the house we live in. All these things impact the envirionment. The idea is that we want/need/have lifestyle requirements and people don’t want to give those up, yet they want to be responsible in a eco-friendly way. So they purchase carbon credits which in turn fund projects, like re-forestation for instance, that help reduce carbon. I’m very interested in making money with carbon credits and other green business ideas too. Making money is nice, but knowing I’m doing something that helps the envirionment along the way is a very motivating idea.

In some ways my choices in business and obviously lifestyle can accomplish this, many people are interested in helping with the carbon problem and just lack a good way to do it. Which is why you, I suspect are interested in the buying and selling of carbon credits. (me too_

Hope this helps!

Raj January 18, 2011 at 3:03 am

can any one tell me in detail how this carbon credits business works because Im thinking forward in Green Environment or carbon credits business.

Raj Kansagara
M.Tech (MIEM)

Gary Arnold October 17, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Hi all,
I am glad to see that people are sourcing ways to make money from business’s that look at making a living thinking Green, I have run across a Canadian company starting out ”” they make there Natural Diesel from wood waste, how can you do better than that… check it out, I am tring to figure out how to leveage this contact got any idea’s ?

tanaaz June 17, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Have any of you guys looked into this company or used thier services for learning or setting up a homebased business?

Smoke May 28, 2009 at 12:43 pm

This scam is easier to pull off than people might think. It’s unregulated and you can charge whatever you like and the definition of what a ‘carbon credit’ actually is, is wide open for interpretation. Next to ‘new age medicine’, this is the IT thing currently. Great post.

Joe Crawford September 30, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Thanks for the comment Vineet. Green technologies are getting more attention. Main stream ideas like generation seem to be in the spotlight. Real progress is already availble in distribution, Things like improvements in conductivity for example. Huge progess is possible with technology, its implementation were this idea is held up.
Thanks for your participation at Create Liberty.

vineet kapoor September 19, 2008 at 11:22 am

well,our earth is going to b in very critical situation. the temperature is increasing slowly,like a silent poison.our ice on poles r melting,leading to rise of sea level. hense as soon as possible, we should switch to green technology. and i wnt to have and give leading and latest ideas. thank u.

vineet kapoor
chemical engineer(3rd year)

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