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by J.Crawford on September 20, 2008

What is motivation and what is the best way to get or improve your motivation?

Motivation can be described in a number of ways, but lets just start with what you feel like when your motivated.  I notice when I’m motivated to do something or behave a certain way everything just sort of falls in place.  I can clearly see the next step and I want to take it.

Socrates taught that there are two forms on human motivation.  One form of motivation is the moving away from pain and the other is moving toward pleasure.  Pretty simple, huh?  That bring up another quick point, if something is not simple, you probably wont adopt it as a long term personal development exercise.

What causes lack of motivation?

Well that is pretty simple really, you have moved to far or lost awareness of the source.  By source, I’m not talking the “universe” or the ” secret” or the “great one”, I’m talking the source of motivation.

Back to Socrates.  Let’s say you being motivated in your life by a strong desire to get out of debt.  You are totally committed to getting out of debt.  People are calling you without any regard for you personal sense of well being, self esteem or self image.  Your embarrassed and you can’t afford to do the things you most want to do. You have had it.

Here is the short version of what will happen to you.  At first, the first 30-45 days you will notice your debt sliding away faster that it ever has.  You will be making the necessary sacrifices and putting your money toward bills in an extremely disciplined way. 

About the time day 45 comes you will be on track feeling much better and you will have noticed the the people quit calling.  You have overcome the lack of motivation.  Your no longer embarrassed and stressed out by your financial situation. So from day 45 to day what ever your lacking motivational fuel and the most likely thing to occur is your returning to old patterns, and you will.

Six months to a year later you may find yourself in the same predicament.  Hence the cycle theory in life and history repeats its self school of thought.  Motivation is crucial to your personal growth and quality of life.  If your going to entertain personal development, understand motivation.

Motivational Exercise: A Simple Exercise to improve motivation.

Part two will cover the Second source of motivation: The movement toward pleasure. I promise it will be more fun. Learn how to overcome the lack of motivation.

What are you thoughts on motivation?

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