How To Start a Business With No Money…or “Initial Investment”

by J.Crawford on January 30, 2009

I’ve received several emails this week asking how to start a business with $o capital. Another asked ” How can I be a businessman without initial capital?  Lets look at this closer and see if we can come up with a couple ideas.

First off, everyone has access to start up capital.  Capital isn’t always money, sometimes its an agreement.  Starting a business with no money usually means without YOUR money.   Many people start businesses without any start up money of their own.  When people ask me, ” How can I start a business without any initial investment”, I assume they mean they don’t have thousands of dollars in their pocket.  Here is a little tip, most people who start businesses don’t have the money!

How to Become a Businessman or Entrepreneur.

And for the person wondering how to be a “businessman” or a “small business owner” without initial capital, all I can say is solve a relevant problem.

How to Start a Business With No Money.

If a person has a job, they have capital.  First off if you have a job, you likely have  a place to live, a car, clothes, and you buy groceries on a weekly basis.  One place to find a little cash to start a business is in your current cash flow.  There is money, you just gotta find it. Period.

There are thousands of businesses you can start with no or very little money.  Most service businesses can be started with under $100 of initial capital.  Think about it.  If your willing to start where your at and build from there, then you can start just about any business.

How to Start with No Capital.

If you want a restaurant, or a flower shop, or another business that requires a business store front then you may need to take a round about approach.  For example if you want to start a restaurant you could start catering first. If you can cook and love to do it, start there! Cater high school open houses for cheap, cook great food and watch word of mouth marketing work for you.

Initial investment really doesn’t make a businessman, or an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs have a knack for finding creative ways or better ways to meet relevant needs or solve apparent problems. Most profitable business ideas are closely linked with other business ideas and this is one of the best places to find creative financing for a start up.  If your business start up idea will help an existing business be more profitable go talk to that business and show them how you can help.  If your business idea will save the existing business considerable cash, or make them more profitable, chances are they would be willing to invest. Some of the best home based business ideas are started using this exact formula.

Starting a  business is about a decision to trust yourself and create your own luck.  Starting a business with no money or initial investment is not a big deal when your committed to creating the life you really want.  Being an entrepreneur is not easy, if it were everyone would do it and who would be employees, right?

No Initial Investment.

The initial investment is really just belief in yourself and your journey as an entrepreneur.

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