How to Start a Home Based Business Online With Less Than $100

by J.Crawford on February 15, 2011

Seriously, starting a profitable home based business online for less than $100 bucks is a real possibility. Listen when I started online back in 2006 I didn’t spend a dime…. Seriously. I heard in a mlm conference call that starting a blog was a good way to connect with people who might be interested in start a home business via an mlm distributorship so I did. MLM sucks by the way and I don’t recommend it across the board.  But really besides mlm is it possible to start a home based business for less than $100?

Yes… it is. So you probably want to know how to start a home based business online, or at least my idea, right?  Well it comes down to information.  When your talking about a online business idea, your talking about sharing information plain and simple.  Sure there are eccomerce sites where folks can shop and buy products, but if you have 100 bucks and you want to be in business today (yes today) then I have a way better way to start a home based business. UDATE: Here is an Article titled “Best Business Opportunties for Beginners” It shares one of the most popular ways for beginners to make money from home using the Internet.

How to start a home based business

Starting a business is really nothing more than beginning to build a system that will pay you while your not there.  A job is a an opportunity to trade time for money, you give a unit of time you get a unit of money.  One easy way to start a home based business online is to start a blog. I could say build  website but right away about 60% of people would eliminate it as an option as they have no clue how to build a website.

Starting a blog is free and easy you can start your first free blog at Blogger. While a free blog is a nice start to getting your home based online business off  the ground, it doesn’t stop there.  I’ll list a couple great resouces for starting a blog that makes money in just a minute, but before I do, I ‘d like to share that I personally earn a significant income every month because I’ve followed the exact same advice I’m giving you right now. No, I’m now a millionaire, but I do earn an income that lets me decide if and when I’m going to spend my time doing something else so I can make money. I love the lifestyle that what I’m proposing to has done for me.  It’s probably not for everyone. It is very quiet and and there isn’t anyone giving me credit evvery other day.

Why Home Based Business?

If I want to take 4 or 5 months off, I can, and I like that. Actually I think I wrote a post a couple months ago about step by step ways to make money online, yes I did and that was the link.  Alternatively just go start a free money making blog and get things going. I wrote another post about 3 Internet business ideas that will make money this year and next.

Rememeber home based businesses don’t have even a fraction of the start  up costs that traditional business models do, that’s not to say you can’t get up there in budget but that’s just not how to start a home based business. Start by doing something you have a genuine interest in and go from there. There are litterally millions of ways to make money.  The ideas to make money are endless, just think of a few right now.