How to tell if a business opportunity is legitemate: 3 Quick Clues.

by J.Crawford on August 22, 2008

Find what your looking for or keep looking!

Find what your looking for or keep looking!

” Earning over $107,863.64 is on the table with our home based business, in fact a full %10 percent of our total associates earn that or better. (verified income disclosure) Now does that make it a legitimate business opportunity? That depends. If your looking to invest 50 bucks and hope for riches then no, it isn’t. If your willing to do the work, then… well, $107,863.64 kinda speaks for itself doesn’t it?”


How do you tell if a home business opportunity is Legitimate?

Lets see I said 3 Quick steps, so let’s start with the obvious.  What is a business?  A business:

  • Offers a legitimate product or service.
  • Has a marketing system, customer service department, and a shipping system.
  • Has customers.
  • Has other people who are having success, are willing to help you AND know how.

First Clue to Look for in a legitimate work at home income opportunity.

I am of course speaking of a legitimate home based business opportunity not a brick and mortar business. It seems if a brick and mortar business has a building, lease, and a sign up front then people figure it is legitimate, NOT SO.

Turnkey home business ideas are usually quite simple. At least in the beginning.  A business is presented using a broad over arching business overview.  I always follow that up with an email that provides a person with the accompanying details of the overview that is meant to communicate the bigger picture.

A real business opportunity will probably not seem so easy when you first start, especially compared to the overview (the big picture) its kinda like you explaining to your baby boomer uncle what you do at work. You don’t start with ” at 8 AM I punch in then I go get coffee” right?

Same deal with most legitimate home based business ideasTop tier work at home business entrepreneurs are running a simple business that is literally easy to them. It will sound easy when they explain it, they can’t help it.  The clue here is look for someone who has the business experience and work with a team that can support you, but don’t assume it will be easy.

What are the Parts of a Legitemat business opportunity?

The bottom line is this my friend, all businesses that are legitimate and turnkey must have a few common elements.  If it is network marketing, look for a way or system that works for generating leads, or people who are interested in what your offering.  No one wants to bug their baby booming uncle bob and pitch the pity script so he well buy some vitamins, right? So look for a system that will generate leads and someone or better yet a team of people who will show you exactly how to generate leads for your business to grow.  Many of the best direct sales opportunities will advertise “leads provided” giving owner a better opportunity to create  significant income.

A legitimate business online will also have a smooth order fulfillment system. It will have a quality product or service.  It will consistently innovate and upgrade, or renew its product offering as the industry it operates in changes.  It will have a money back guarantee and compensation plan that is lucrative and rewards leadership and results and persistence.

Profitable top teir business opportuities that are turnkey don’t:

  • Start making money when you choose in.
  • Simplify things to the point that all you do is perform function. That is a JOB.
  • Appreciate in value the longer your ” IN ” the “business”
  • Reward people who don’t do the income producing activities.

A legitimate business opportunity can be one of the most empowering and productive ideas that you’ll ever experience. It up to you, timing and the opportunity.  Finding a group of people or at least a person who you gel with and can lean on for support can be paramount to your success.  We had a couple in New York that really helped us a ton and taught us how to help other who were serious and sort out the ones that weren’t.  Had it not been for them we would have just tried to grow with anyone and everyone.  Business fail because people do this and we were oblivious to this. Stick with the winners and enjoy success.

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Russell June 23, 2010 at 6:04 am

Nice post, you have some very valuable information here, I enjoyed the read & look forward to reading more of your posts.

Joel February 5, 2009 at 10:55 pm

I tend to agree. Sometimes when we are into our own program so much, we forget that there are others out there that also work! So Be blessed… and realize we really are all here for the same reasons. To make some great money!!!

admin September 12, 2008 at 9:50 pm

We appreciate the comments folks.Thanks for reading and providing feedback.

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