Income Ideas For liveaboards: Earn Money From a Boat…

by J.Crawford on October 18, 2008

Many folks who have taken the liveaboard approach to a purposeful life have done so with much planning and care as for their financial plan… Or not?

The sailing bug packs a big bite and if you can shake the sting of a new neighborhood being a 3 or 4  hour 20 degree heel away then read on and learn of few ideas you can implement to create a solid income right from your cabin or cockpit. With a laptop and Wi Fi that is.

Work From Anywhere Income Ideas.

First off, if your doing the thing, living the dream, your dream… and have struck out as an adventurer with your family and your boat, then realise people would love to hear about it. That brings me to the first idea. Start a blog.

I recommend a word press self hosted blog, if you don’t know what that is visit our “services” page and drop me a note.

Your blog can consist of your adventures along with the day to day thoughts and ramblings you may have. If you have children, they make for great stories.

Leveraging expertise or interest you may have is also a great source of content for a popular and successful blog. What can a blog do to help your income as a liveaboard? Here are a couple ways you can earn money with a blog.

  • You can do google AdSense.
  • You can find affiliate products related to your topic choice.
  • You can create your own product to sell on your blog.
  • You can accept donations.
  • You can connect with people who may be interested in a certain expertise you may have.

Other Income Ideas For Liveaboards.

A couple other ideas for earning income from your boat could include a turnkey business opportunity. Do your home work and see if there is an opportunity that catches your fancy and would be feasible with your living arrangements.

Certainly you come in contact with countless other people who are looking to solve the same challenge when you motor into any marina, this is another great sourse for income ideas.

I spend a couple months in sailing mode. Weather where I have my boat and live prevents an extended sailing season. We get several feet of ice and it really doesn’t matter what you draw in that situation.

I would mention that with ideas like adsense, it will take a while and you will need traffic that has a commercial interest. In otherwords, people looking to shop, or at least browse. 

A couple things I do that allow me to spend more time aboard our Catalina are:

  1. Search enging optimization services.
  2. Complete blog set-up for small business or personal blogging.
  3. Entrepreneur coaching. (selective)

I also operate a lucrative home business, or boat business if you will, in the personal development field. It’s  a neat mix.  Not only is is a great income stream it also helps foster introspection and self growth, which to me is ideal for the time we spend on the boat.

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