Information age business ideas: What is an Information Age Idea?

by J.Crawford on September 23, 2008

Information Age Business Ideas: what is this “information age” anyway?

We always here the term information age.  What does that mean anyway.  People just through it our there in passing like they are fulling informed as to what it is and what ” information age ” means to them.  I admit I fell into the same group.  I caught myself saying on more than one occasion, ” Yeah, times are changing, this is the information age”. Information age business ideas are serving a much more concentrated niche than ever before.  You can make money today in carbon credits, a term most Americans don’t understand.

The term information age is widely used to define a transition, a new era, if you will.  A point of comparison to the “industrial age”, the information age is about improving what is made, making new faster, and not making things at all. New business are being created in the information age my segmenting current business ideas in to more focused service groups.

It is a key contribution of the the information age to analyze, not that this was not done before, but it is given more of a priority in the information age business world.  The business trends, and wealth trends seem to lay a track of innovation these days rather than than track of domination and fortifying a market.

What are some practical effects of the information age on average small business?

Well for starters, people today are much more likely to know that all it takes to start a business is $10 bucks and a D.B.A, a bunch of ambition, an ideas, and some guts.  People are doing it too. Micheal Gerber from the “E-Myth” talks extensively about the ” entrepreneurial moment “.  When an employee realizes if he could get the customer to call him to clean the windows, he could make more money.  He does a better job on the windows anyway and the “phone call” isn’t a big deal.

The fire, aim, ready approach is another hallmark of the information age in my experience.  Entrepreneurs seem to have more confidence that they will find what the need along the way. The Internet has played a valuable role in bolstering this confidence in new entrepreneurs.

Books are being published to day because people feel that we want more information.  I think the information age is misunderstood my many and quietly entertained by the rest.  I’ve heard it said it used to be who you knew, then it was what you knew, now it is how fast what you know changes… Go figure.  Information age business opportunities must innovate fast if they are going to lengthen their business cycle.

Some things still hold true and probably will through all the trends, transitions, and tyraids.

  1. Do what you say your going to do. Integrity.
  2. Admit your mistakes. Humility.
  3. Strive for constant improvement. Excellence.

Can you add to the list? 

Another idea about the business ideas in the information age is the widely reported and public knowledge of who make what and why or how.  There are literally millions of books, articles, and videos about a information age business idea that made someone rich.

Old business ideas still hold true.  Speed to market especially.  Intuition is playing a bigger role in the information age business arena.  But at some point the idea has to go to market and today it has to happen fast and clean.  The business idea, no matter how great, will likely be old new in 6 months to a year.

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