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by J.Crawford on March 3, 2009

Internet based business ideas are one form of a home based business, also one of my favorite ways to earn money from home.  Why are Internet business ideas one of my number one ways to earn money online? Simplicity.  I like passive, I also like large numbers and an ever increasing income.   I think some of the best money making ideas on the world wide web are the ones that start as a trickle and over time turn into a steady flow of money. 

Internet Based Business Ideas and Making Money

One of these money making methods is web publishing combined with advertising.  Think of that as a fancy way of saying, “make money blogging” or earning money with AdSense.  Google provides a great platform to make money on the Internet and in fact some business models only use this one method of monetization to build successful Internet based business ideas.

Making money on the Internet almost always carries the prerequisite of traffic.  In order to earn money with website or blog, you gotta have traffic.  How do you get traffic?  Well there are many ways to get traffic to your website, some are free, some are not.  Making money online will require traffic, you can get traffic quickly if you have  a decent marketing budget, if not, it might take some time.  I recommend to anyone serious about making a go of online business to learn Search Engine Optimization….

Getting traffic to your money making blog or website from the search engines is one strategy I use, I’ve been at it a while and I’ve learned how to get some results.  If you have questions or interest in using this method to get traffic to your blog or website, leave me a comment.

Different Ways People Make Money Online.

There are many entrepreneurs who have traditional businesses in there local communities who use the Internet to increase sales or automate the sales process.  Still other business owners utilize the web to inform current and future clients about their products or services.  As you can see the Internet provides many different business solutions to many different entrepreneurs looking to accomplish various business and money making objectives.  Internet based business ideas that are easy and actually make money are so numerous today that listing them would be  a chore in and of itself.

The Best Internet Based Business Idea.

If a market exist, there is probably a way to make money from it online.  I really believe that.  Some ideas are better that others, finding the best Internet based business idea depends largely on you interest and past business experience, try making a list of the top business ideas you can think of and then do some research and find the ones that would be the most profitable Internet based business ideas to start.

There are many ways to monetize a website that has traffic, it can be a challenge to keep traffic targeted, but this is key to making money with a website.  If  you have several business ideas, try and make a website for each different idea instead of mixing them together on one website… this is important, get this one thing right and you’ll be much closer to making more money that 90% of the people who have a website or blog. So the tip of the day is… the best online business ideas always have a website/blog, its a big deal, do it.

Keep in mind small business ideas change from year to year and online business ideas are the same way.  Starting a new business idea every month is advice I’ve heard and then the idea is to work on the ones that produce decent results.  Work at home business ideas are very popular today and people are looking for good ways to make money online,  helping other people by teaching them what you have learned is smart and some business models use this concept in commerce exclusively.

If your here visiting for the first time, leave a comment introduce yourself, if you have some experience with making money online or have some Internet based business ideas that your thinking about and have some questions, just ask, either myself or maybe a reader might be able to help you with it.


admin February 17, 2010 at 8:48 pm

I like your point Amy. And on thing I’d add is that “what I was passionate about” was ultimately FREEDOM. I searched and search for the “thing” I was supposed to do and it never clicked until I got real clear on the Lifestyle I wanted to create. Suddenly “what” I did took on a whole new meaning as I KNEW without any doubt that if I were to succeed at what I was doing, If I were to become one of the best, I would truly have the lifestyle I wanted. And It is happening.

I looked at my life and realise that I was always one of the very best at everthing I took seriously and really wanted to do. I choose a path that if I were to persist, I would have what I wanted.

Another Point. I only knew this was important because I became the very best at something else, another business, and my lifestyle, sucked. Everyone around thought I was successful but it was Bad. 35 employees, stress, risk exposure, poor control over cashflow, semi- seasonal, no loyalty… I could go on. I guess if I figured, If I could “win” at that I could win at anythnig.

Good luck, and be blessed with Persistence in you endeavor.


Website Builder February 17, 2010 at 8:11 pm

I think it’s because in this time of crisis, the idea of an home based business is becoming more and more appealing to a lot of people. They are interested in starting their own small business but don’t know where to start. I think they need to have a talk with themselves, and find out what they are truly passionate about and start from there. Like they say, if you’re paid for doing something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.

Amy Cameron
.-= Website Builder´s last blog ..5 Website Builder Designs to Die For =-.

admin August 2, 2009 at 8:07 pm

Thanks for the input james, sticking with the things that are always around is probably a smart approach, I checked out your site, good stuff.

James April 9, 2009 at 11:27 am

I would have to agree that if you plan on an internet business that it will change year after year. However, you need to look at things that dont change to make money at. Example, there will always be death, taxes, and debt. Focus on making money in some fashion and you WILL SUCCEED.

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