Key to Achievement, Success, Fulfillment, Winning….

by J.Crawford on November 12, 2008

What is the key?

What is the secret?

The answer of all answers? What is the big mystery, the simple truth, what is missing that if it were present, and apparently so, would make a difference?

If there is a key its you. An overwhelming understanding,belief, and excitement about the fact that you can do what ever you desire to do.

“A man can accomplish anything he desires that runs not contrary to the laws of God or Man, provided he is willing to pay the price” Author (I forget)

The attack on self confidence,self esteem, and achievement that comes with looking outside yourself to accomplish anything you desire is the primary reason for failure…

Success is not having the right small business software or the right “location” alone.  Of course you will acquire things, learn concepts,form new habits, and enroll the efforts of others along the way, but, the foundation is you. Operating from the inside out, from a source of power that exists separately from your surroundings, is the platform of success. Your Success!

Personal Power Affirmation:

“I am powerful and on purpose. I have everything inside myself right now to have, become, or achieve everything I could possibly desire to achieve in this lifetime. I’m no longer fooled by the illusion of myself being separated from anything I could wish to have, be, or do.”

Achieving succes in small business must involve a plan or “destination”. Goal work that way in business and in life. It might be scary to actually say WERE you want to go. Activity and being busy is not success, success is measure progress toward a specific goal… be successful.

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