Legitimate Turnkey Business Ideas That Work.

by J.Crawford on March 7, 2009

Finding a legitimate turnkey business you can start from home that actually works and makes you some extra money is an exciting idea.  Thousand are searching for new ways to make money from home in the recent economic times and many are looking for legitimate ways to make money online.

Legitimate turnkey business ideas are really quite easy to spot.  Having been online and making money using the Internet for a couple years now, I thought I would lend some advice on spotting a legitimate turnkey business.  I guess it really comes down to trust.  Since I think there are smart ways (other than trust) to discern a business opportunities legitimacy I’d thought I’d share a couple.  First off here is an article from the government on detecting deception 

One way I can determine if a business opportunity is legitimate is to ask a few simple questions and then answer them, usually on my own.

  • How is money made in the turnkey business?
  • Where do I fit in, why or how is it that I’m needed.
  • What do I actually have to do in order to make money?
  • What is the product or service?
  • Is the perceived value of the product or service in line with the actual price?
  • Is the business just an opportunity to invest in someone else’s marketing system or is the legitimate turnkey business truly viable?

Another thing I have the benefit of doing is researching an opportunities marketing system. I know of several legitimate home businesses that have been marketed on the Internet for several years.  While they are legit, I’ve determined that the long term viability of the business just wasn’t there.

Having your own products or services can be a huge advantage for the best home based business, but it just isn’t for everyone, that’s were these turnkey businesses come into play.  At the end of the the day, most of these ideas are an opportunity for you do excel at sales or marketing or a combination of the two.  Some affiliate relationships can be basically be top sales jobs  in direct sales.

I think affiliate opportunities can be the best ways to make money online.  I don’t think affiliate money making ideas are for everyone.  Lets face it there is a lot to learn about websites, traffic, advertising, conversions, and much more.  If the business opportunity your evaluating requires and investment ask yourself what the investment is for and then decide if its worth it to you. 

One thing that I’ve found very valuable with a turnkey business idea is the training and knowledge I was able to acquire very quickly.

If your looking for a legitimate turnkey business make sure you:

  1. Are provided a system you understand.
  2. Have an idea of the budget needed to start and maintain the business.
  3. Are provided with training from the very beginning.
  4. Can work with others or have open communication with someone to assist you.
  5. Are genuinely interested in the products or services you’ll be selling.

Legitimate Turnkey Business Entrepreneurs

Do you have experience with a turnkey business opportunity that is legitimate?  Share with us your tips on discerning whether a business is turnkey and legitimate….Thanks.


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Thanks for the great content and information on legitimate online businesses. I search the net looking for this type of content to give me ideas on future articles that I am going to write on this same general subject. Appreciate reading your article and information on this particular subject.

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