Lessons from Increasing My Vertical Leap:Excercises To Jump Higher.

by J.Crawford on October 19, 2008

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High Jump Story

One of the events in high school track was the high jump. I remember always being attracted to the feeling of flying and the high jump event had a special allure because of this. I was an all-state distance runner and I wasn’t exactly encouraged to jump.

Actually I would sneak around sometimes after practice and try to increase my vertical leap I set the week before… I was a committed runner and had an indoor track circuit I ran in the winters that prevented me from playing basketball.  I certainly thought about it though, and often.

One of my favorite role models during my high school days was Micheal Jordan probably because the guy could basically fly.  When I was a freshman I bought a program to increase my vertical leap and did the program in secret. Did it work? Absolutely. My sophomore year we had a conference meet where the competition was tough. I was well favored in my events which were the one and two mile races. I was also an anchor in the 4×800 meter relay.

Before the meet I went up to our coach and asked about the standings an how we faired. He mentioned we were out matched in the field events. He mentioned there were only a few people in the high jump and we could have really used a couple points there. I thought this was my chance. I said why don’t I give it a whirl. he was a bit taken back, he kinda laughed. And said go for it.

Well long story short I jumped 5’8″ which is not a big deal and would not even score in ninety percent of meets but I got third and scored two points. I was only 5’6″ tall by the way. I remember thinking, “Cool I can jump over my head”…

Lessons Learned from Increasing My Vertical Jump

In my life I have taken much from this experience.  First off, when preparedness and opportunity meet, success is possible. I was prepared.  Also I learned to fan my dreams. By doing those exercises to increase my vertical leap I was fanning my dream. I loved the sport of basketball. While I never could dunk a basketball, I always would try.  There are much more involved programs today that will help you jump higher in basketball. You don’t have to be 6’5″ to dunk a basketball. You have to be determined and do what it takes to improve.

Success in anything takes persistence and commitment along with a deep belief in yourself. If your dreaming of dunking a basketball or jumping high in the the high jump event, you can keep it quiet and simply do the things that the other guy might not be. There are a number of programs you can buy online that will assist you in jumping higher. You can increase your vertical jump if your willing to do the work.

Professional basketball players even use programs to increase there vertical leaps.

So use the tools available. Anything you can do to improve, DO IT.

Another lesson I learn when I look back at this experience is to play to my strengths. I was recruited from schools all across the nation for distance running. It was definatley my strength. While I would have pursued my love of jumping my coach encouraged me to play to my strength. This was the right thing to do. I did not always see it that way but looking back, it was.

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Dennis @how jump higher October 18, 2009 at 6:28 pm

What a great and inspiring story for all basketball players who are unable to jump very high, but want to. thanks for sharing your story with us.
.-= Dennis @how jump higher´s last blog ..7 Tips on How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Successfully =-.

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