Little Known Business Ideas: Weird Business Ideas. Can They Work?

by J.Crawford on September 25, 2008

 I thout this was a funny business story and video, what are some crazy business ideas you’ve heard of or thought about yourself. Got a start up story? We appreciate comments!!

Success Stories of Small Business Ideas on Video.

Can you Start a Business for A Few Hundred or Thousand Dollars?

Think again right, if you have watched the videoI’m sure your thinking, what the…. Yeah, I know. I thought it was a funny business video with the idea and how he stumbled into the business.  I guess he had a great business right under his nose!  But seriously,  I started a commercial construction firm in the U.S in 1998 and worked my tail off not to mention the astronomical risks I was willing to endure.

In the winter of 07 I bumped into a couple in their 50’s from New York who operated a successful home business. I asked them about it and found I could start a business and they would help me be successful. I took the gamble and it payed off.  This business provides what I really wanted as an entrepreneur. The traditional business model was just not working like I wanted and wouldn’t.

Now we help people start a business that focuses on you the entrepreneur. Not the product or customer. We help people literally build a life by design using three high quality top of market personal development products and systems that enable a person to earna multi-6 figure income right from a home office. In fact the business is mobile. I keep everything web based, I don’t even need to be at my pc.

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