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by J.Crawford on November 22, 2008

Marketing online to promote a small business or product to end customers is difficult.

As with most things difficult, there is a plethora of opportunity.

When you read that first statement, did you agree?

For Small Business Online

Advertising and marketing have differences, obvious ones, to be honest I’m not a “marketer” I simply know  a little about the Internet and using it to connect with people who want what you have. For small business online, targeting marketing is key.

Using the Internet to introduce yourself and your products is a very focused under taking. When I think advertising I think “broad”.

Here are some thoughts I have about online marketing and advertising.

  • Only pay for traffic that will come back or provide contact info.
  • Only speak,  to the specific customer you want.
  • Realise over 99% of the “competition” isn’t competition, just noise.
  • Collaboration is key and paramount to “competition”

Think of a track meet. You and another runner are running the mile. It’s the race of the year. 5,000 people are in the stands to watch you and the other race. Thought:

The audience is the “noise”. The validating factor that says what your doing is significant.

When your researching a search phrase don’t even think about the 40 million results, it’s really only two or three usually.

People online like second opinions, you should two.

People searching online would appreciate you steering them to that second opinion.

If your a search marketer online. I’d love to hear you on these points.

My statements are of my experience and it seems every month I learn that changing my mind is valuable as I continue to learn.

If you disagree tell us why.

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