Most Successful Home Businesses Internet Entrepreneurs Are Starting in 2011

by J.Crawford on January 18, 2011

I’m excited about this article because I’m going to share what I feel the most successful home businesses Internet Entrepreneurs are starting in 2011. Listen when it comes to creating a successful business a successful business model is absolutely crucial and your going to see exactly what that business model looks like today, in about 3 minutes.


I talk about all kinds of different small business opportunities here and most of them are home based business ideas that are in one way or another connected to the Internet. There is a business model (That I use myself) that I find is far superior to anything else online, THAT is accessible to just about anyone with an Internet connection. What makes this most successful home business model you can start using the Internet?  Well here is the short list:

  • It is completely scalable.
    It is monetarily intelligent.
    The start up costs are on the extreme low end of the spectrum.
    The maintenance cost are cheaper that 25% of a cable bill. (in my case)
    It builds over time into a saleable asset.
    It can be managed from anywhere.
    Needs no employees.
    Liability and exposure can be reduced to nothing.

This isn’ theory either, this IS the actual model use today. Here is what it looks like:

Successful Home Businesses Internet Business Model

That is the business model that I feel far out performs others for the reasons listed about. Now, there ARE other business models that would also offer the same benefits in the list above BUT this particular model offers way more options. It is the most flexible (easily innovated) business model I’ve found to build a successful home business on the Internet. Notice the three monetization methods in the diagram, there are more that can easily be added making this a very popular business idea.

One question or disagreement I might have with the diagram for purposes of illustration is this: If you were to put the “content” under the “traffic” I think the diagram would be more telling from an Internet business perspective.  Why?  Because the traffic is already there and you can create the content that will in effect “pull” the traffic in. See what I mean?

Is this a new business idea?

No, it really isn’t.  Now that you know what it looks like you’ll recognize it all over the web. The hottest new business are rarely the ones that make money (or sense for that matter). And keep in mind you can create a successful small business online without a “popular business idea”… I could show you dozens of profitable homebased business ideas that you would think are just plain weird, but they make money everyday. The more popular the business idea is the more competitive it will be, not that this is necessarily bad, just something to think about.

Most successful small businessesadd value through products or services being actively sought out by urgent buyers. Most successful Internet business ideas offer products or services that make sense on-line.  Think digital products, or information products. What makes this a smart business idea (or model) is that through contextual advertising you can also make money with an online business by connecting customers who are looking for products or services that cant actually be delivered on the Internet. And you can also make money via affiliate marketing through products that can be delivered online.  Ideally a home based business should use all monetization methods that will work and this one does.

Successful Home Businesses Internet Style

Most successful home businesses Internetbusiness people are using employ this business model in one fashion or another and you can too. Like I said I use this model BUT I totally arrived at it on accident and took me about 3 years to figure it out. If I were going to do it from scratch again, I’d use a program that teaches this step by step. I believe it would take my own 3 year process and cut it down Drastically. I think a person who knew they wanted to start a successful Internet business could start a home business in less than 30 days by using a good tutorial type program, AND the best “how to start a Internet business programs ” are cheap. Very cheap. I don’t recommend recommend spending hundreds of dollars on a course that promises you you’ll be rich in  a month. If you want to start a real Internet business using your own business idea then work with others who can and will actually help you AND who have already done it themselves.

Mack Micheals program is probably the most comprehensive membership site (over 12,800 members as of January 2011) for someone looking to start and online business from scratch AND for the person who is making a few hundred dollars a month from contextual advertising a few hundred from Click Bank or some other affiliate marketing. Listen, if your already making 3k per month plus online the program probably isn’t for you.  But you could pick up some great ideas and cancel your membership anytime you like. Here’s the thing though===> WATCH the video FIRST!  Mack literally walks you throughout the entire site. Watch the Video (its free) Just go to the website and scroll down to the SECOND video, he’s pretty transparent about what the program offers and who it’s for.

If you have questions about your business model or what you might need to do to modify it in order to maximise earnings, traffic or conversions feel free to ask.  If you have other specific questions about your own business idea then ask that too. My the way Mack offer a great competitive research tool that is perfect for really targeting your own business idea to a tight niche… And that what its all about….

Learn The Best Business Model for Starting Your Own Home Biz Today… Check out the Banner Below and Watch The Free Video

successful home businesses Internet biz model

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