Most Successful Online Home Business Ideas I’ve Found to Work

by J.Crawford on August 3, 2010

Over the last several years I’ve developed a decent income with my online home business and I wanted to share some of the most successful online home business ideasI’ve found to word well for me.  Before I get started, it make sense to acknowlege there are literally thousands of great online business ideas that people make money with everyday.  I’m just one person and certain ways of creating a successful business from home suit me better than others.  Don’t let my ideas get you side tracked.

What’s the Best Online Business to Start?

When it comes to picking the best online business ideasto start your home business, you have to look at what interests you and not only right now but over the long haul.  If you going to develop an online business it has to be in a “niche” and the most important thing to picking the right niche for your business is that you can stick with it over time due to a genuine interest you have in it.  The best online business to start is the one that you will  stick with.  I’ve also found it very beneficial to sticking with a niche you know something about already, I’d say 90% of my articles and blog posts I’ve written on small business ideas and home based businesswere unresearched and right out of my head.

I wrote a very popular post a few months back on the “The Best Business To Start” you should give that a read. I share some good business ideas about picking your first business to start and what the most important elements are for starting a successful home business.

Most successful small businesses are very focused on what they do to make money.  When it comes to the Internet it is no different and you need to stay focused on what works as you constantly reach out to see what might help your business grow.  Here are some of my best online business ideas for making money:

These are some of the home based business ideasthat I’ve used to make money.  Regardless of what you offer in your online business you have to achieve two basic milestones consistently:

  1. You must add value to the marketplace.
  2. People must reach in their pocket and pay you for that value.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  And it is really, BUT it isn’t easy and I like to say that often because I think there is  a strong misconception about making money on the Internet and that is: That it’s EASY….

Once you have all the pieces in place it is a great way to make money and it does seem easy, but getting to the point of having a recurring monthly income that is significant is a tough road and knowing that before you start an online business is important. Expect it to be difficult and save the surprises for down the road when our income starts to soar.

Most of my business experience over the last fifteen years has been in the traditional business world and I can say flat out that the home based business model just makes more sense. There are so many benefits to starting a home-based business using the Internet, I guess that would be a great post in and of itself.

What is a Home Based Business?

Another point that bears mentioning is that there is a difference between an online business idea and a home based business.  Just because you have a home office and do the bookkeeping there doesn’t make your business home based in my book, but to clarify, what I consider to be a home based business is one that does not require you to go out side the home to perform a service in order to get paid.  Really what I write most about and what I mean when I say “home based business” is really and online business or Internet business.

Online Business Perks…

One of my favorite elements to an online businessis that I can literally work from anywhere and I do. I can use my blackberry when I have to wait in line for something, I can work from out of town as well as I can right from my home office and I like that.  Another upside to an online business is that they do allow you to make money while you do other things. I’m not tied to my Online business like a I would be a traditionally business or a job and think that is REALLY cool!

Have some ideas you would like to share? Please do in the comments…

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Gladys August 5, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Great info-At least you are spreading the truth about home business-I hate those get rich quick schemes-I wish they could stop because most people get discouraged after all the hype and no business or money
.-= Gladys´s last blog ..Home Business-Benefits Of Starting A Home Based Business =-.

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