My Best Small Business Accounting Software Advice

by J.Crawford on March 11, 2010

This is short post about my best small business accounting software advice for beginners or curious entrepreneurs. It can be implemented with any accounting software including most free software programs for small business accounting.  It’s not a hack or even a secret, but I never new the power this one tip would have in my business, my first business actually.

What’s the best small business accounting software idea I have to share?

It’s this:  Break down you your numbers, all of them, by % of Gross sales. That is the tip.

When I found this function in my, I think it was quick books, business software program and ticked the button, I was able to look at all my cost of goods, expenses, labor, payroll expenses, rent payments, interest payments, even the cost of the company cell phones. It was awesome.

It took me a while to get into the numbers, as I’m not… or wasn’t then, a numbers guy.  I actually had someone else do my accounting software workfor me for a couple years when I was just beginning.  When I actually started to look at how everything I was doing looked on paper (computer screen) I was amazed at the picture.

I said this was a great advice for beginners because I assume most of them, like me, don’t look at accounting software like it’s real important.  I know I didn’t, actually it was more like a necessary evil to me.

When I could see the percentage everything cost compare to every dollar brought into the company, it was almost like a new game appeared and it was all about making numbers go down.  The more percentages that went down in my accounting software program, the more the important number went up, the profits!

I hope this tip helps you with understanding why a small business accounting software program is important to your business and remember this is just one tip that stands out to me. 

Oh, I also wanted to mention, when I was trying to choose the best small business accounting softwareto use I looked at different versions at different price ranges. For that business, which was a commercial construction company, Quick Books just made sense. Peach Tree, I think, was another popular company at the time, but as I remember that program seems more complicated than my company required.  As with most things, everything has its place so talk to someone about what your business requires in the way of organization at the software level.

All The Best.

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