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Network marketing on the Internet has been the pitfall of many first time entrepreneurs for reasons not obvious until years down the road, most give up and look to a more common and practical approach, AKA a JOB.  I’ll share my personal experience with Internet and network marketing over the last 5 years, my story is spectacular, it’s probably more typical except for the fact that I didn’t throw in the towel completely.  I’d like to create a vibrant discussion around this topic so if you’ve ever been involved in network marketing on the Internet or a MLM in general, please at least read the comments on this post and see if you can add to the discussion.  I’m going to give you a brief history of my experience in network marketing (which isn’t extensive) and I’ll also share some of my experience in my overall online business.  I’ll also share the top 3 reasons most people fail at developing a successful network marketing business on the Internet.

My Experience with Network Marketing on The Internet.

Back in 2005 I during the winter I looked to the Internet for ideas to start another business.  I was intrigued by the Internet and new there must be tremendous opportunity to create a viable and profitable business online.  Well I came across an business opportunity that was termed a “Top Tier” business opportunity.  These are basically network marketing opportunities that are expensive to join and provide significant incomes.  I was excited about the earning potential and profits in the multiple thousands of dollars.  There were essentially 3 products that carried commissions of $1,500, $5,000, and $8,000 dollars (good money)….

Well I got started.  Followed the training and within the first month I generated $24,000 dollars in revenue AND …… I didn’t get a penny of it.  The compensation model was such that all that money was “passed up”.  That didn’t feel real good, but I knew how it worked so I’m not whining.  Starting from scratch it was very difficult to generate leads online and expensive. Have you done some paid advertising?  It’s easy to drop a couple thousand dollars fast isn’t it?  So this was my first experience with network marketing online and it was bitter sweet.  I got to see the potential, there is no denying that.  It was difficult for me to promote the business opportunity for 3 reasons.

  • The prospect of success for a beginner was a long shot at best.
  • There was not any significant recurring income element- You had to get new recruits to get paid.
  • I didn’t feel it was a marketable business opportunity compare to other businesses in the market place.

So I quit.  Which means I quit marketing, promoting, and participating in that business, and I’m glad I did.  At the time I also owned a commercial construction company and during the winter that company was basically dormant because of our could Michigan winters.  I collected retentions which were usually a 10% cut of projects we completed in the months prior to the winter and that was how that business worked.  I kept looking for ways to make money using the Internet during that time.  It was an adventure to say the least.  Within 2 months of joining that online network marketing business I had:

  • Set up my very first website.
  • Learned about paid advertising.
  • Learned about lead generation and the power of the Internet.
  • Learned about the sales funnel used in Internet Marketing.

I continue to learn about those skills as they evolve constantly.  Over the last few years I have developed a network of websites that earn money every month and I can say I doubt I’d have done that if I wouldn’t have joined that network marketing company on the Internet.  You see I started the sites to generate leads and went about learning how to get free traffic so I could afford to stay in business.  If there is a skill I’ve gotten good at it is getting traffic and generating leads.  I took a long break from generating leads and didn’t start doing that again until I learned the importance of building a list that I could market to.

Why Network Marketing on The Internet Doesn’t Work

When you think about it, networking to build an MLM online essentially requires you to replace the people skills and communicaton skill you would need to have success in netowrk marketing off-line, right?  Yes, that is right. And it’s also why network marketing on the Internet is a dismal failure for most average people looking to create an extra income. It’s the main problem next to sheer inaction and lack of personal responsibility.  One of the most successful elements to profitable MLM companies is the teams and communities they build, we need community.  Building close knit, motivated and inspired communities on the Internet is difficult.  The best MLM’s online do this well and they also create an EFFECTIVE way for new (non-internet savvy) beginners interface with prospects in professional and result’s getting way.

Another of the top reasons MLM’s online aren’t working is because of the commision structure.  Most commision structures require you to have over 1,000 people active on your team all spending money on pills or lotion in order to make a few hundred bucks.  Do you understand the difficulty of that prospect? Lets put it this way, How many facebook friends do you have?  If you have less than 1,000 ask yourself how difficult it might be accumulate a team of 1,000 people who are all spending hundreds of dollars every month buying stuff they don’t need…. See my point?

And What is the Solution?

What if you could earn 100% commisions and could create a passive recurring income that you could use to cover expenses of you MLM business and pay some Bills?  Do you think you would stand a better chance for success?  It sounds almost like a loophole in the MLM world doesn’t it?  Well it kind of is… LOOK at What I mean


Do You Want Start Network Marketing The Smart Way?

My online business has become a great platform for connecting with a targeted group of people looking to the Internet to make money from home.  My platform actually generates a few thousand dollars a month, it is passive AND recurring.  And that my friend is the secret (if there is one) to being successful network marketing on the Internet.  I actually wrote this page to share this very idea and show you an easy way to create this same platform yourself.  It’s a process, but if you do it the right way you have a real, viable, and profitable online business that will continue to earn money every month whether you are promoting a primary network marketing opportunity or not.

Learn More Here…
Essentially, to be successful network marketing on the Internet today you have to turn your expenses into revenue in systematic and scalable way, I’m about to show you the best way I’ve seen to do that.  If any of this sound confusing, don’t worry, this is a simple model that is built with the beginner in mind.  It boils down to this folks,  you need to be involved in a network that earns you money and makes sense long term.  If you think you are going to go join a juice company and get people to join online, you’re in for an expensive lesson. And you can avoid all the pain and wasted money that comes with going about it the wrong way! Why People Fail at Network Marketing Online It’s no secret that most people will fail at network marketing on the Internet.  Don’t let that scare you, it is a wonderful business model and I think you sense that.  When we have such a clear and documented trend of failure we are able to dissect it and find out why the failure rates are so high.  That is exactly what a few of the top network marketers have done who created this brilliant system (I’ll share a link to that below) that makes success much more predictable for new people, even if they don’t have a website or a lead generation strategy.  So why do people fail at network marketing on the Internet?  These are the top 8 reasons people fail:

  1. The spend themselves out of business.
  2. They don’t feel comfortable approaching friends and family, so they don’t.
  3. They are in the wrong primary business.
  4. They don’t have a lead generation strategy.
  5. They are involved in a compensation plan that is slanted against the newbie.
  6. They don’t have a clear goal or a plan to reach it.
  7. They simply do not make money within the first 30 days and quit.
  8. Monthly costs of tools or product run them out of business.

Would you like to see what the best network marketing opportunity looks like that takes these top 8 reason for failure and addresses them head on?  That would make sense wouldn’t it?  I’m sure you’ve heard you need to be “Alpha” and position yourself as a leader right?  Well if you never done that (and most haven’t) would it be nice to have that done for you in a systematic way?  Yes, it would and isn’t that difficult. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a platform and an online presence right out of the gate?  And I’m not talking about these goofy company sites that will NEVER pull one visitor from the search engines, ever.  I’m about to show you the most effect network marketing solution for a beginner ever created (at least online), and I’ve seen every system launched in the last five years. When you fix the problems that cause most to fail, you (yourself) make more cash because it the success of others make you a TON more money that your own efforts alone.  SEE what I mean Here….

Must Have’s For Success in Network Marketing On The Internet

To summarize: If you are currently involved in a Network Marketing opportunity you love but aren’t making money don’t quit.  There is a good chance, if your new, your up line or whatever they are called in your network marketing company is attempting to access your warm market, which is an offline mlm strategy.  They will like “train” you to do the same, or more than likely they will attempt to get to your warm market, and your warm markets’ warm market, you get what I’m saying?   In many cases “successful” up lines are successful because they get the new people to do their marketing for them.  People who do things this way will never enjoy a passive income as it isn’t true network marketing.  This is the way MLM’s are done offline and it does work for some people but not most.

If you want to be successful at network marketing you have to have a professional web presence, you have to make money each week so you can afford to stay in business. Here are some of the must have’s in network marketing online:

  • You must have a lead generation strategy.
  • That strategy has to be cheap or even free leads.
  • You need to get paid daily or weekly.
  • You need a web presence.
  • You need simple actionable steps you can take everyday starting from day one.
  • You need real passive and recurring income.
  • You need the sales process automated (most people suck at sales)
  • You need back end product sales that are automated and pay you.

Is that all possible?  Yes it is and it’s just recently been done.  You can have a blog set up for free with all the technical stuff done for you and own an immediate web presence without having to set anything up.  You’ll have a solution that any network marketer would love to have, and those are the people you want to have in your primary business anyway.  If you want to earn 100% commissions daily and recurring every month and have $25 bucks you can get started, it’s that simple.

BONUS: If you decide to get started today I invite you to come back here and post in the comments.  Let me know once you have your first blog post published. I’ll take a look and I’ll do a free review that I will publish on this site.  This site by the way is one of the top home business blogs on the Internet today. It receives over 60,000 page views a month. It will get your blog indexed quickly and get you on your way to getting free traffic.  I’ll also be sharing my own tips on getting free TARGETED traffic to you blog too.  This is one of the best network marketing opportunites online.  It appeals to network marketers regardless of the business they are in.  And it appeals to the huge market of people who are simpley looking for real ways to make money from home.

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