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by J.Crawford on October 4, 2008

I had started a new business 8 years earlier…My daughter was turning 7 years old and it seemed like yesterday that her and the new business were just beginning to crawl… I looked around and had two questions; “What the hell am I doing”, and “Why”… Sound Familiar?

The New Business Owner.

I was a new business owner and was really quite excited about my recent entrepreneurial quest.  I was in my early twenties and I wasn’t quite sure where I was going or if it really mattered. It’s kinda like needing head way to steer a sailboat, the important thing was that I was doing something. I was moving…

I think entrepreneurs, especially brand new business owners, make some very comforting assumtions when they first start their business venture.  And that might be a good thing, it was for me I think. Assumption number one…Everything will be alright… Right?

The Most Common New Business Mistake.

And the funny thing is I never defined failure or success, it was more like staying on the boat for me.  This is a huge mistake for the new entrepreneur. I Figured if I stayed on long enough I’d figure out what I was doing and eventually people would write and talk about my stylish success… I like many new business entrepreneurs was hopeful and inspired by a healthy ego.

The Birth of a New Idea.

The opening of this post is about a day during the winter of 2007.  I had had the biggest sales year ever in my commercial construction company and I was in my often that afternoon.  I had a surreal moment as I walked through the little lobby into my office. The quiet question came from a place I hadn’t heard from in years. It asked “What are you doing… Joe”…

I realized I had absolutley no clue, at all, none what so ever. It was the begging of a delightful end to horrible entrepreneurial hi-jacking of sorts. A time of assessing new business opportunities.

I’m not sure what happened along the way but I just kinda got real good at fixing things.  Being so overwhelmed with current work and issues and my only answer was to take on more. We could do it! I remember one of my favorite quotes, I actually came to recite this quote dozens of times a day.

Failure will never overtake me if my desire to succeed is strong enough.

I intend for other entrepreneurs to visit here and read this, they will relate, some of them.  I am a free bird, maybe you are to.  I have dreams of flying, and winning, and helping and healing and even doing the impossible.  I love riding a motorcycle, and a 30 knot wind in a small keel boat. I love options and bending the rules a little. I like to make money, I really like it when my ideas implemented turn into cash. I like to uplift and inspire people. I love success and am willing to do what ever it takes to achieve success. I love my kids and spending time doing fun stuff. I like to see their reaction when I say “shit”.

The thing is though, I had not done any of those things in a long, long time and realized this as I sat down in my office. The question that came from inside me really got my attention. I sat down a wrote on a piece of paper exactly what I wanted my business to give me in return for all I had given it. In detail I spelled out what I wanted my life to be like.

Keep in mind I had done all kinds of business development stuff for new entrepreneurs. The E-myth program by Micheal Gerber, Hume, and about every business book and periodical was staring back at me from the book shelves on my desk.

A New Business: What an Idea.

I wanted a new business. A new opportunity.  This realization shocked me…Long story short, when I was done with this list of simple new business ideas, I thought about America, free enterprise, the trap of local economy in a new global market, and risk exposure, and the costs associated with having  a 30 plus employee business and decided It was time for something new. A New business. A business that would reward me, as the entrepreneur, not everyone who made our vendor or supplier list along with the government.

Business owners looking to start a new business…

I have a new business that I operate today. A simple business that utilizes the power of the Internet and lets me do business all over the world… I offer a step by step solution to a successful individual who knows the things, the life they want for their families, will simply not be achieved through traditional business models.

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