One Opportunity Home Business Entrepreneurs Miss

by J.Crawford on October 16, 2009

People are emotion driven creatures and this along with a few other confusing ideas causes the biggest opportunity home business owners have to be missed.

I like to talk about “first thought”, you know, the one that got you all excited at the outset of starting your own business idea.  Remember how you felt?  Full of possibility, hope, and ambition?

So what happens?

Typically, and I don’t care for the word,  we get caught up on the doing of things and forget about the idea of operating from inspiration and taking intentional focused action on a daily basis that is congruent with the purpose which fired our spirit at the outset.  I’m guilty of it and you may be too.

An Opportunity Home Business Owner’s Ignore

The opportunity home business entrepreneurs overlook is doing what they set out to do.

I love intuition, momentum, and creativity….

But to truly create something intentionally you have to know when your done.  If your anything like me, you probably just keep on going.

I think we might sometimes find false security in more, more, more….

You agree?

Goals are big, they are powerful, more powerful than me.  More powerful than my intellect, my intuition, and my desire.  The opportunity home business start ups warrant an entrepreneur is to do something specific on purpose.

How many of your goals were completely mowed down without you even noticing, only to find yourself 10 steps back from where you started a year or two before?

I’m an advocate of momentum, I love and use it…. But I don’t trust it.

Think of driving a car.  A goal is, in a sense, a destination. So when you get there get out of the car look around and take a breath of fresh air.  Don’t put the car in neutral and let it roll down the mountain, but look around, get your bearings and the DECIDE where to go next.

I guess this is a tip.

Here’s another tip now that we’re tippin’.

Set a big goal. A goal that you think would take 5 years to complete.

Then work back, maybe half way.  Where do you need to be in 2.5 years?

Now break it down further and ask yourself realistically where you need to be 12 months from now?

Then as you’ve likely guessed, what can you do this month to make sure you ahead of the game in 12 months.  And the kicker, what must you do right now?

Make right now make sense by keeping your goal ever present in your mind and in your life. That is the opportunity home business ownership offers you and the opportunity doesn’t care one way or the other if you take it.

Remember, if your not committed to your own goals, your likely committed to someone Else’s.  That’s OK too, but make the choice, you’ll be better off if you do.

Thanks for reading.

“There are only two things to do as a leader, Get Better and Do More”


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admin February 26, 2010 at 7:17 pm

Why not advertise with us? I see your focused on the “moving” sector, maybe not the best fit, but I could probably work something up!

admin February 15, 2010 at 6:28 pm

Thanks for the mention and calling out Create Liberty as a resource for Small business ideas, and trends in small business on your website.

Noel Wiggins October 17, 2009 at 6:41 am

I appreciate your article and I am now pumped to get my day started.

I love the idea of a five year goal and breaking it down from there.

And I have always wondered what that meant to me. And the way that I have translated this, was to break down my marketing plan. I have a multi-tiered marketing strategy that is base on budgets. and instead of saying I want to be a millionaire in five years I have said I’d like to be in my final tier, which would be about $15,000 dollars a month in advertising. Figuring if I can afford $15,000 in advertising which would be 20% of the earnings.

I break down all the tiers of marketing and try and focus on the smaller budgets ones, which seem to take a lot more work, but I have broken down what I need to do to keep these tiers in place so they can help fund the next tier, and now I am able to see what I am suppose to be doing for the month, week and day and gauge on whether I am on track or not…

Thanks and Regards

Noel for
a professional graphic design studio

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