Online Business Made Simple.

by J.Crawford on December 30, 2008

I’ve been publishing online for a few years on and off, mostly on lately and that’s in large part due to my choosing to use word press for my online business websites.  Like many people looking, for a simple online business strategy, I like easy.  While success is never “easy”, I’d say word press is.

I just upgrade to wordpress 2.7.  Anyone unfamiliar with wordpress or what an upgrade is, it goes like this:

Word press is a publishing platform, more specifically a CMS or content management system.  In simple terms, it lets me earn more money and develop online business strategies without employing a webmaster. Without knowing any code whatsoever, I have millions of words, thousands of indexed pages and I make money from from the handful of sites I have. Word press makes that, not only possible, but efficient. I like efficient.

Simple Online Business Tips:

Keep it simple.

Use systems that innovate.

Use systems that understand the value of simple.

Monetize you online business in a simple, systematic way.

Learn what you need to learn to achieve your goals.

I think these are some of the key ideas to be successful online long term. While its a pretty basic list, I’ve found these ideas serve as a solid foundation.  Getting 50k subscribers and “creating a following” that basically owns me, isn’t appealing to me.

I once heard  a great quote about leadership.  While we can’t all be “A-List bloogers” we can all be leaders.

Leaders “Get Better and Do More”

Pretty simple, no?

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