Opportunity is it Scarce? Is It Real?

by J.Crawford on November 18, 2008

Opportunity What is it Really?

I have the opportunity to talk with some top notch people who inquire about our lucrative income opportunity. I get a kick out of assisting people in evaluating the business. So many of these opportunity seekers are carefully looking for the “opportunity“.

I don’t disguise it, but opportunity has a way of disguising itself.  I don’t do adds online but I do see them, I even allow a few here on this site. I read the headlines. Keep in mind people read books, go to college, set in on tele-seminar, and pay thousands to attend marketing conferences to learn how to write these headlines. I don’t buy into magic headlines, they are a bunch of bunk. I don’t believe in “comparison” marketing, or playing to fear, or the take away. Why?

Because people who buy into these methods are about as unrealistic as the magic headline. I don’t want to work with people who are at a place to buy into a bunch of bunk based on hope or a wish of prosperity. Its all bull.


1 : a favorable juncture of circumstances <the halt provided an opportunity for rest and refreshment>

2 : a good chance for advancement or progress

Right up there is what the dictionary version of opportunity. A favorable juncture of circumstance.. A good chance of advancement or progress. Now get this… you may have opportunity now in your life. Really you do have opportunity right now in your life. Here is the thing, though, are you inspired by an opportunity in your life right now? Are you associating with people who fan your desire or your passion for life and success.

I work with people who are like minded in that they are success minded and prosperity conscious. We don’t talk about a “terrible” economy, mostly a hyped idea from main stream media anyway, we don’t compete with each other. We operate as a team of people who are respectful of on another and most respectful of living well.

What is an Opportunity 

Opportunity is a shot, a chance, a way to create a new life. In my experience a traditional business is an opportunity to sacrifice, to risk, and to be a conduit of money and the movement of resources. I learned that each opportunity to perform work, led to another. The best business opportunities give you what you mist want…I guess the bottom line is: “Is the work your performing the work you want to perform” and “Is it worth it”. Are you trading more time,effort or risk than you would like for less money,time freedom, or prestige than you desire?

Its important to separate, highlight or shed light on what makes your opportunity special, but the fancy pants headlines and hype, are they really doing the trick. Ridiculous DOES get attention but does it build trust or create an expectation of integrity?

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