Own Your Biz-A Smart Way to Start Your Own Home Business

by J.Crawford on May 24, 2010

Here are some of the top tips I can offer folks who are using the Internet to start their own home business.  By the way, this isn’t theory I’ve learned these ideas first hand and I benefit directly (and monetarily) because of them.  Whether you have your own business idea or your looking for a model or concept to start your own home business, stick around and I’ll share a few things I’ve learned over the last four years.

First off you should consider developing an intelligent business plan when you start your business.  I can’t say I did this from the start, but I learned If I didn’t do this one thing, I’d be constantly wandering around in circle like I did my first 6 months online. Your own home biz plan needs to include these items at a minimum:

  • Budget
  • Time Commitment
  • Marketing Strategy

Obviously this list will be longer, but I strongly recommend having a plan in place before starting you own home business because there are always other people, and priorities biding for your time, money and there’s always another “marketing product”. In case your wondering whether I’m just writing an article to update the blog, I’ll share what I did to learn that these are the top 3 things to have in place before you start your own home business.

The first six months I started online I worked every waking minute (that I wasn’t running my other traditional business) on my home business.  I spent over $1500 on Internet ads the first 30 days and almost spent $16,000 dollars on a website (didn’t actually spend anything)  And after sixty days I felt like I got my rear end kicked and was pretty frustrated. Save yourself the trouble and come up with your own plan.  Plans change, but you should have one to begin with when starting your own home business.

Here is a good resource for writing a business plan, you can download it for free or just view it to save a copy just right click once it opens and click on “Save a Copy”. You can download the Business Plan Book PDF Here.

Home based business ideas or Internet based business ideas seem really cheap. It’s not like your buying real estate or a bunch of equipment or materials like you would in a traditional business.  But Listen, costs creep up and if you don’t have a budget and stick to it, you’ll wished you did at some point…it’s inevitable.  Keep a close tab on monthly recurring expenses.  This is one of the black holes of the Internet and a great way to bill your services online if you offer them.  Apparently some of us are to lazy to cancel a subscription for $10 bucks a month so we just keep on paying it because its easier.( *myself included)

If your serious about creating a successful home business you better budget your time as well.  I know for me this has been critical. If you’ve owned a traditional business you probably know the feeling of “the work is never done”…The issue with an online business is that it is so accessible and if you have Internet and a computer at home it may always feel like a good time to work. It’s important to have the support of your family and those around you most and I’ve found that the support can wane if I’m always working, so pick your work time and stick to it.

Most successful home business have a good plan that is followed. That said, it pays to stay flexible too.  I’ve increased earnings more than once by going down a path I hadn’t considered in the planning phases, so I think it makes sense to keep your eyes open for opportunity even in unsuspecting places.

I’ve found a few unique ways to stay flexible with my home business that allows me to implement new business ideas and test them on my website here.  Many times I can get a feel for the demand for a business idea, product or service just my writing about here on my website.  Having your own website if a must if your going to have your own home based biz.  The good thing about having your own website is that it has become very easy to start your own business website and it doesn’t cost much either. If you need help with starting a website you can contact me via the contact page, it’s likely I can help.

So to summarize and recap:

Don’t skip the business planning phase of your start up, you’ll have a great resource of information to reflect on and help steer yourhome business plan course.  Stay flexible, but use the business plan as a starting point and remember to include your primary resources in your plan, which are time and money.  I’ve learned to keep the plan focused on the impact the business will have on your life.  It’s proven  to be much more motivating to me when I attach my business goals to the actual impact it has on my real life.  The home based business model is a smart way to start your new business and If you need help implementing your own business ideas just get in touch, I love helping folks get started.

If your looking for a way to start your business and your looking for an opportunity and something to offer, consider filling out the contact form on this page (probably below).  I’m currently putting together a leadership team in a cutting edge business that is a smart idea in the wellness industry, I can share more details and point you to my business website where you can get all the information on the business so you can decide for yourself, just Fill Out The Web form and check your email inbox for the details.

All The Best.


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Martha Giffen May 24, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Interesting and true! When starting an online business, time and money can both go pretty quickly. Without a plan, it’s impossible to know where you are going!
.-= Martha Giffen´s last blog ..How To Improve Productivity =-.

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