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If you have a genuine interest in personal development and think it would be really cool to be able to start a home business in personal development we have a unique connection I’d like to talk about.  Personal development is personal, we do it on our own, but if your a student of personal development and have had some results in your life you probably know the value of community.  Whether it be your personal relationships or an actual community of people as interested in personal development as you are, community plays a HUGE role in long term ongoing success in self growth. 

My experience in the home based personal development business. 

I started a personal development home business few years ago, it was a bittersweet experience.  It was amazing, and I mean that, to be able to connect with people who understood the value of intentional living and appreciated living well. It was really great.  The business model was lacking in my evaluation and I decided to back off.  In retrospect I’m glad I did.  I never lost the desire to be involved with a business in the personal development field, I think part of me just loves to encourage others and support them in growing.  I believe we are meant to grow, just as any other living thing and I think the point is sorely missed in our society.  I’ve grown up enough to know I can’t change the world in one fell swoop, but I can assist those who want to grow, who want to live well and aren’t ashamed to admit it. 

What I’m Doing Right Now 

Right Now I’m evaluating a home based personal development business that claims to be: 

  • Profitable
  • Home Based
  • Offer Quality Personal Development Resources
  • Posess a Business Model that Creates Time Freedom

Why I don’t like MLM 

The business I spoke about already was a mlm, simply put.  It is what it is…. 

The problem I had is that throughout the marketing process this was downplayed and mostly denied, that’s not cool.  High ticket mlm’s are just not something I want to be involved in, why? Primarily because: 

  • They are a labor intensive Sales Job.
  • They usually don’t deliver on the marketing message.
  • Success seemed to require unethical behavior.
  • The focus was too much on making money.

I’ve learned that any business who’s sole drive is to make money is doomed to fail.  Of course businesses have to make money, but through adding value this is a natural by product. Show me a business that adds value I believe in and watch me go! I’ve owned a large traditional business that required me to where about 30 different hats including the Sales hat. I’ve sold contracts from $500 to $1.9 Million, I’m not interested in that, I don’t feel purposeful in that and I’m not signing up for it. 

Unethical behavior is directly opposed to what personal devleopment means. Character development is the foundation of personal growth and I’m happy with the character I possess.  There are thoughts and beliefs I will alway’s need to challenge, but character isn’t up for discussion, know what I mean? 

What I Bring to the Table 

It’s funny how things work, because I made the decision to start that business several years ago, I also started this website.  Incedently I started a small network of websites during that time and for what ever reason I stuck with it. What does that mean to you? It means you can learn from my experience and have success much faster.  Some of the things you MUST be able to do to have success with a personal development home based business or any online business are: 

  • Generate leads
  • Have a marketing system
  • Have a Quality product that adds value
  • Have a product that people pay you for.
  • Have a daily routine that is a fit for you.
  • Have a marketing system that attracts exactly who you need to connect with.

These six things are must have’s…. You can’t make a go of it without them, I won’t start a business or advise you to start one that doesn’t have a powerful way of getting these six things done. 

I have done all six of these and have learned how to best do these in an economical way in terms of both Time and Money. Can you buy your way to success in a home based business?  Do you have a budget of 5 to 10 grand a month? Probably not, and would that be a wise bet if you did? 

What I Intend to Do.

I’ve worked with some of the top income earners in the home based industry.  I’ve worked with some of the major players in the home based personal development buisness to be more specific.  What I intend to do is find a marketing system and business model that I know will work. What am I looking for? 

A Direct Sales Business Model 

One sale pays one person.  Initially this is important. When you start a business and are in the black the first few weeks you will have a way better chance of sticking to it and creating a significant income.  I also like the idea of passive income, I have several streams of passive income from websites like this one and I’d like to increase that.  I’d like to start a business that has a passive income element and maybe even a recurring commision exit strategy, wouldn’t that be smart. 

A Business That has The Potential for Six Figures 

I want  business that will act as a cornerstone for this website, one that is put together in a way that significant income can be created. In order for a business to create a six figure plus income it needs to have a stong backend product selection that people are compelled to purchase.  It also needs a passive income element or possibly several. 

A Business that Has Smart Systems 

I don’t want a job. I have no desire to work 12 hour days.  I once thought that was just the way it was if you wanted to live well.  It’s not.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of work.  You bet I’ve put in my long days in setting up my marketing system, getting 40 thousand plus visitors a month to this site didn’t just happen, but here is the thing, I don’t spend more than 5 or 6 hours a week now!  I don’t mind putting in the work, I just don’t want to have to do that for years, you know what I mean? 

A Business where I can leverage current Assets 

I want to leverage this website, it is one of the best assets I own today.  I don’t make a ton of money from it, but I earn a few grand a month from it and It’s passive, very passive.  It can do way more though, thousands of people show up here every month looking for better way.  They want to start a business from home, why?  Same reason I did, so they can spend time with their family doing the things they love, I think that is a noble idea. 

What I Think You Should Do

I think if your interested in starting a succesful home business and you would like to work with someone who can assist you in getting started and earning a good income from home, you should fill out the contact form below and I’ll keep you posted. 


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Best Personal Development Program? 

Choosing the best personal development program is a personal choice.  It really depends on where your at, where you want to go, and how committed you are to getting there.  When you really think about it personal development and programs aimed at personal development they really just bring a conscious awareness to growth. This is one of the things that community brings to your experience and why I think personal development communities are so valuable. Daily habits are probably the only thing that surpass a solid community when it comes to achieveing personal growth. 

As Jim Rohn says ” if your going to have changes in the next 2 or 3 years, why not choose the ones you want” 


Developing a Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan is a personal life map of sorts. Developing a holistic personal development plan is going to take more that reading another book or attending another seminar. If your here that tells me you probably know that. The elusive element to the productive personal development plan is… you guessed it, personal responsibility. The resolve to be persistent and consistent with your own self growth is the prerequisite to developing a personal development plan. Learning about yourself, your patterns, your limiting beliefs, and how the mind works with the body is key to developing  a solid personal development plan. We offer a product that is designed to do that. If your ready for real change, your sleeves are rolled up, and your committed to your own success, get in touch. 

How Popular is The Personal Development Industry?

One of the fastest growing mainstream media programming sectors is personal development industry.  A neat way for saying its all over the tube… Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, The Amazing Race, etc… Ring a bell?  Did you know personal development based programming along with many self empowerment/life achievement products have created an 11 Billion Plus dollar industry in the last few years alone? 

The personal development industry is growing rapidly, we think that’s a good thing! 

What is personal development?

Personal developmentis simply put, a way of intentionally creating the life you desire. This can include improving relationships, finding the best business to start, to better self talk and improving confidence. Personal development is great for students, parents, career professionals, those involve in ministry and also anyone working with others. My take on personal development is that it is “personal”. Personal development starts with personal responsibility, and can be a productive path to professional development as well. 

Video on Personal Development.



Personal Development creates the the willingness to set aside conventional thinking and realise you can change your mind. Your thoughts, patterns and habits account for the results you see in your life.  Good Personal development will work on the root of the problem and deliver real transformation.  I’ve heard it said that common sense is nothing but the personal prejudices we’ve acquired by the age of 18 and decided that was all we needed to get through life. Most don’t make it far, do they.  Become a student of personal development and self growth and you will experience life in the way it was meant to be experienced. 


Free Personal Development Resources

I came across this free personal development plan resourcethat will allow you to develop a specific personal development plan.  There is a wealth of personal development information online, in print, and via seminars.  The study of personal development accounts for a good portion of the success that I have had in parenting, business, relationships, and self awareness/self acceptance. My upbringing did not exactly form me into a perfectly functioning human specimen, how about yours? 

Suffering From Information Over Load? Try a Personal Growth Program With a Different Approach. 

Fill out the form above and get updates on the Most Effective personal development programs online. 

What is the best personal development Plan?

New beginnings are powerful.  If your looking to make a change, a change of significance, and are willing to commit a couple hours a day to work with myself and our team, I can show you a neat way to earn a significant income part time from home. Many replace their current income in 30-60 Days and go on to double or triple their income during the first twelve months. What do we do? Get in touch, I’ll show you.  For more about me and more information from the #1 Personal Development Website on the Web visit my home business coach expert site.

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