Profile of an Online Business Entrepreneur.

by J.Crawford on October 27, 2008

Sure , we come in many variations but what are the common characteristics of a successful online business entrepreneur. Is there a profile of an online business entrepreneur or a home business owner?

Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur Online.

Sure, I think its possible. After all success is really pretty simple.  All people who have achieved some measure of success have applied some common characteristics. What are they?

  • Persistence.
  • Creative.
  • Confident.
  • Ready for results.
  • Determined.
  • Consistent.
  • A Great Leader.
  • Values personal responsibility.
  • Willing to look stupid.
  • Ignores Naysayers.
  • Loves to Win.
  • Goal oriented.

What do you think? Are these characteristics you have recognized accompanying success? So does the profile of a successful online business entrepreneur differ?

One thing I’ve found is crucial to success as an online business entrepreneur  is the willingness to learn and constantly improve.  Aside from success being measured progress toward a goal, success online is also measure by the knowledge you can implement.

Always be learning. Online business entrepreneurs are constantly analysing their approach to earning money with an eye always toward automation, trends,and of course results.

Some things you just must master. Marketing, for one, is top on the list of the successful profile of a home business entrepreneur. Own your marketing. Take personal responsibility for generating prospects, clients, sales, and satisfied customers. Home business ideas don’t run themselves and won’t be a wait and see affair, it takes real action.

Attributes of a Successful Online Business Owner.

  1. Many are self starters, this is important.
  2. Comfortable being self employed.
  3. Not a member of the heard.
  4. Pick up the phone to connect with other successful home business entrepreneurs.
  5. Values Freedom and having options.
  6. Smiles at the notion of passive income through creating quality products or services.
  7. Innovative. They understand its not a “build it once then done” type of a business.

Top Qualification of a Successful Online Business.

Online business entrepreneurs have a desire for a better life. They aren’t impressed or comforted by mediocrity, and they don’t buy into a lid or cap on the life they can have. By and large, most online business entrepreneurs I’ve met also love helping other people.

What are some ideas you’ve had reading this post? If your building an online based business, do you have any thoughts to share?

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