Quick Income Scams: Home Business Scams and Reality.

by J.Crawford on November 14, 2008

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I only read a couple blogs consistently (rss via email) Seth Godins’ blogis one of them. Seth has written several books that I’ve recommended here at Create Liberty. “Tribes” is Seth’s newest book. You can get a free audio of the book by visiting his blog. I recommend it.Tribes talks about creating a following. A following of interested followers, not a following coaxed along by fancy marketing techniques, but people who actually resonate with your message. People who will make your message their message or already have. Here is a recent post at his blog….

You probably don’t need to read this, but I bet you know people who do. Please feel free to repost or forward:

Times are tough, and many say they are going to be tougher. That makes some people more focused, it turns others desperate.

You may be tempted at some point to try to make a million dollars. To do it without a lot of effort or skill or risk. Using a system, some shortcut perhaps, or mortgaging something you already own.

There are countless infomercials and programs and systems that promise to help you do this. There are financial instruments and investments and documents you can sign that promise similar relief from financial stress.


There are four ways to make a million dollars. Luck. Patient effort. Skill. Risk.

(Five if you count inheritance, and six if you count starting with two million dollars).

Conspicuously missing from this list are effortless 1-2-3 systems that involve buying an expensive book or series of tapes. Also missing are complicated tax shelters or other ‘proven’ systems. The harder someone tries to sell you this solution, the more certain you should be that it is a scam. If no skill or effort is required, then why doesn’t the promoter just hire a bunch of people at minimum wage and keep the profits?

There are literally a million ways to make a good living online, ten million ways to start and thrive with your own business offline. But all of these require effort, and none of them are likely to make you a million dollars.

Short version of my opinion: If someone offers to sell you the secret system, don’t buy it. If you need to invest in a system before you use it, walk away. If you are promised big returns with no risk and little effort, you know the person is lying to you. Every time.

Some of you know I market a turnkey home business in the personal development arena. I love personal development, I value the products and am in strong alignment with the idea the intentional transformation is about as valuable as anything worthwhile.

That said, the business takes work. I approach marketing it in a passive way mostly,it’s enjoyable and profitable. Low overhead combined with low start up costs are a step in the right directions when your looking for how people make money online.

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