Extra Income Ideas for Real Estate Agents~ Social Media Marketing Guide to Selling More Listings

A lot has changed over the last decade and the real estate industry is not different.  The credit bubble has many real estate agents scrabbling for ways to earn extra income and a lot of them have left the industry altogether statistics say.  As the real-estate market makes a come back over the next few years, there are still more staggering changes that have occured in the marketing of real estate.  I’ll share a link to complete guide to social media marketing and real estate in this article that will assist agents in making more money when they apply the new marketing techniques in the tutorial.  While the Internet has broadened the way people look for real estate, real estate agents still have one way of making money and that is selling a house or property.

Local real estate offices still have prospective buyers comming in to view listings and explain what they are looking for but the Internet has greatly increased the out of office “window” shoppers, so to speak.  The Internet has changed the game quite a bit and the agents who are going to be successful in real estate in the next decade are the ones who play by the new rules.  Using social media to market real estate is one of the hottest methods of connecting with buyers and sellers a like.  Over the last decades I’ve seen more traditional personal branding by real estate proffesionals on channels such as billboards and the traditional local real estate listing guides, but what about the Internet?

Using Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Online branding is (in my opinion) more powerful than offline for a few key reasons, the main one being that you have more space to differientiate yourself amoung a large pools of agents and appeal to buyers and sellers a like who would rather do business with a person than a Company.  Sure you can put your picture and catch phrase  on a billboard and hope someone scratches it down or calls you on the spot, but don’t hold your breath.  Would you agree that a brandable domain name as the focus of your marketing message would be more in line with your target markets buying behavior? I think so.

For Example:

Let’s say you did some offline advertising and branded yourself as “The Working Womens Real Estate Agent” and your catch phrase was “we do the leg work for you” and then went to the Internet and created a professional, but personable website or blog that would rank #1 in the search engines for “working womens real estate agent”…. then you put up a FaceBook page and tied it in with your marketing message and brand.  Natural search engine traffic is free once you have a solid ranking and Facebook allows you many opportunities to connect with local professionals and network with result producing people and companies.  Not to mention the targeting that can be done with FaceBook advertising.

Learn How to Use Social Media to Market Real Estate——>  Here

I invite you to check out a new program that will show you how to leverage social media to make more sales in real estate.  You’ll learn how to market and sell real estate using social media marketing for real estate agents in short order, it really isn’t difficult, it just takes the right knowledge and the ambition to apply it. Here are some of details to the Real Estate Marketing Program:


  • 19 real estate social media training videos, covering Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn — that’s more than an hour-and-a-half of training!
  • Custom Twitter and YouTube backgrounds to give your accounts a more professional look (a $100 value).
  • A plug-and-play tweet list to help you save time — and engage your audience — every single day.
  • Mind maps and PDFs showing you step-by-step how to dominate your social media marketing.
  • One month of FREE one-on-one email coaching, so we can help you clear any hurdles that stand in your way.
  • And much more!

This is truly a great way to make extra income as a real estate agent in the next few years. I’d also ad that if you need help with personal branding or getting a blog set up that the search engines love so you’ll get found online for free get in touch via the contact page.  To Get More Information about he Social Media Marketing Guide that will help real estate agents make more money you can click HERE




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