Self Reliance as a Life Philosophy: Self Sufficient Wealth.

by J.Crawford on September 24, 2008

Self reliencedefined on Wikipedia:

Self-sufficiency refers to the state of not requiring any outside aid, support, or (in hard-line cases) interaction, for survival; it is therefore a type of extreme personal or collective (group-based) autonomy.

Not exactly the course I’m interested in taking here but more variation of it. I think of the book “Who Moved My Cheese” and how empowered I felt by the idea of always having deals in the making.  Money coming from different sources.

Self reliance in the way I think of it is a quiet knowing that I will create that which I desire.  I’ve long been of this type of thinking.  I remember a job I had when I was 20 years old and I remember talking to the old guys and realizing they had literally waited decades for promotions that never came.  And would never come.  They were in a simple business that was not going to grow.  I felt this was silly and new then that Jobs were not for me.  I haven’t had a job since I was in my early twenties and have never regretted that path.

I have friends who have jobs and love them, jobs are great if that is what you feel the most comfortable or fulfilled with I don’t.  Self reliance in america today in my observation is given too little consideration.  How many people do you know who thought if the got a degree everything would just fall in place?

I know for the people, even some of the brightest, who are graduating do day with the attitude of “now I finished school, where’s my job” will be met with sore disappointment.  Self reliance makes me think of believing in yourself and taking action on ideas and passions that you uniquely possess.  We need to connect, and stay connected on the other hand though.

This Idea, and I’ve lived it, that we can live in a cabin away in the woods and everthing will be great is not all that practical, at least on  a large scale.  Because our decisions affect others like our families, friends and local community we can’t just unplug from everthing and shut ourselves off from the world. Unless, I suppose you have agreement from those you love.

Self reliance and self sufficient wealth is practical today in the sense that we can think with the end in mind. We can know what it is we want and make powerful decisions on how to achieve the life in our minds eye.  We don’t have to comply and accept what our corporate career or lot in life dictates we deserve.

I have countless times,examples, and experiences in my own life where my own decisions and actions directly created what I wished to have. I’ll talk on those later. What are some examples of self reliance you utilize?

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Tom Humes September 24, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

Tom Humes

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