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Michigan Small Business SEO is an arm of Create Liberty Enterprises and offers an affordable SEO Coaching Service for small business websites.  I’m Based in Northern Michigan and can help make your small business website work.  I’ve traveled as far as southern Missouri and prefer to meet client at least once face to face.  I work with small business owners who want a website that works. Whether your looking to gain customers or better serve the ones you have, I can help. To discuss what your looking to accomplish, or if you have questions, fill out the contact form.  If you prefer to use email, just list your questions, if you require a phone call, just let me know via the contact form. It’s a FREE Consultation.

Free SEO Q & A

Got SEO questions?  I’ve created a Q and A for SEO and your invited to participate for FREE. Visit us on Face Book @ Michigan Small Business SEO Q and A

All The Best.



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SEO Optimized Website/Blog

If your thinking business, traffic, creating a following, generating leads, pre-selling customers, anything that will ultimately rely on Being Seen… This is for you! An SEO opitmize website does the hard work for you in an automated way, that means more time for your core business.  If you want success with your website do not hire someone and pay them 5k-10k to design a static old fashion (pretty) website. It won’t work. (if you have already done this, we can help.)

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

We offer a no strings attached (ask what we mean by that when we talk) Completely Seo Optimized Website with an easy to use (update) system that does all the search engine optimization automatically through the software its ran on.

Affordable SEO Optimized Website That Rocks!

You can display pictures, text, video, and audio. You can have a way for customers to buy, contact, and stay connected, all free. Social bookmarking, which has become a factor, will happen automatically on your new SEO optimized website. Truly a quality affordable website solution.

We love freedom and design our business model that way. We’re not selling a website that you have to go around telling people to visit, although you can, we offer an SEO solution that over time will run on auto-pilot with minimal work or time investment from you. ( minimal, not Zero!)

Building and maintaining a successful website is work and we will get you started in the right direction and take care of the scary stuff, so you can get implementing your ideas. We know enough to save you a ton of time and we do that for free. Feel free to contact us before during and after you become a customer. We are interested in what you get from us and what you can shout to the world about your experience with us.

We know the power of word of mouth marketing and want to trade an honest, on target solution for your voice, and a fair price.

  • Site with 5 pages of content
  • 5 SEO optimized articles submitted to article sites
  • 5 Pr 3 or higher links in your related field
  • Complete easy to use control panel and training consulting on use
  • Domain name consulting and registration
  • All meta tags,title tags,H1 tags,H2 tags,H3 tags optimized
  • Photo Capable,Video Capable, and Text along with audio capability
  • 3 hours of consulting to answer questions initially and an open door ongoing

We will also provide you with information that will assist you in out ranking, and out performing,with respect to google 1st page results, 98% of people or companies who set at a computer desk.

Our Package is $435.00 USD Plus Hosting (separate expense about $7 bucks a month)


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The Best Guarantee in Search Engine Optimization.

….I think?

This is the acid test… How do you know if your hiring the right seo firm? When we talk  I will guarantee a first two page presence in under 6 hours.  What!?

If you have any doubts about hiring us as your SEO expert, this will put them to rest and allow you to move forward with confidence….  When you and I hang up I will create a mini strategy, and create a first page google presence with YOUR keywords, the ones you want to rank well for. Sound interesting? Try Us OUT! By the way we don’t do everything. We do on page and off page SEO for certain web applications. We can also set you up with a company blog, one that works! * ( this may depend on your niche )

Affordable SEO Service.

What would change in your business if you controlled when your site appeared on the first page of google? Is that something you would be interested in doing today? ( I will help you with this )

Affordable lead generation and online advertising is almost an oxymoron. Find out what natural search is all about and if you already know, get in touch as we have an affordable search engine optimization solution that might work for you. Remember when it comes to SEO or SEM-search engine marketing, make sure you own the solution. We help you do that.  A live ever improving and growing solution… Not A Pretty website… You should have one of those too, that is just the beginning. If you want more traffic, customers and sales, get in touch!

Entrepreneur Coaching. Online Consulting. Curiosity Killing.

What is an entrepreneur coach?  An objective third party observation is one of the most valuable things and entrepreneur can enjoy. We provide that to entrepreneurs who are serious about success. I’m no doctor, I’m an entrepreneur myself. When I was in my late twenties I was 7 years into a commercial construction enterprise. I took on a small bit of coaching and it literally transformed that business… There is power in coaching.  Listen, I got to a place where it was hard to tell friend from foe, I needed to do certain things and couldn’t navigate in a way that was acceptable to me, so I stayed stuck.  Then I got in touch with a small business consultant,  I never paid a cent, just a conversation made such a difference.  I’m not here to sell it. If you already suspect that you could benefit by getting another perspective, get in touch. We look to work mostly with sole proprietors or small partnerships. Got a partnership conflict, we know a bit about that… Get in touch.


Baseball Cap Coaching for Small Business Owners…

We offer a free consultation. Why? Because we might have nothing to offer. We can have a short conversation. It will be obvious if we can benefit each other by working together or not in about 20 minutes. I’m a regular guy and I’ll be setting at my computer or riding my horse or whatever, and we will have a conversation.  Maybe it will change things, it often does.   I’d love to show you my “rates” but the truth is, I don’t have any.  Here is how it works.  I operate a small network of successful websites in the small business niche.  I get my best content from chatting with other entrepreneurs. If my work load is accomodating I sometimes follow up or provide month to month email consultations to people who are serious about success and committed to reaching their goals, why? Because I love it! Get in touch.


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