Small Business Health Insurance- Video on History

by J.Crawford on March 8, 2009

Ever wonder where small business health insurance or health insurance as a business liability came from. Here is a great video and a brief explanation of health insurance and the history of it in the US.

Finding affordable health insurance as a business owner can be a difficult proposition these days, but in the recent years more plans have become available.  Watch the history of health insurance in the US video.

If your self employed and are looking into health insurance for the self employed you might look into a health savings account, depending on your age, you might find it to be a great option or alternative to paying premium rates that never go down.

Business Health Insurance Video

I’m not sure of the recommended (or if there is one) % of total income one should pay on health insurance, but I do know that the cost and burden of health care on employers has only increased in the last decade.  The trend seems to be employers no longer offering health care as a standard benefit…

Probably due to supply and demand.  As the video shows health care being offered by employers as a tactic for alluring the best and brightest into a company, when the economy goes down or people looking for work goes up, offering health careas a benefit to employees is less likely and costs still continue to rise.

What are your thoughts on employers offering health care or not offering it?

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