Smart Business Idea For 2009.

by J.Crawford on January 2, 2009

I’ll talk about a smart business idea for 2009 in this short article.  A simple idea that will, by years end, be earning you a few hundred dollars a month with little time invesment on your part.  Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, implementing this business idea will not only benifit you financially,  it can also give you a professional boost as well.

Todays business idea is to Start a Blog!  No kidding, starting a blog is a smart idea for anyone.  If your an employee you can think of a career blog as the best resume on the planet.  Think about the instant credibility you stand to gain by giving a new employer a link to you blog.  A blog is something that will create a following for you and over time will be a testement to your value of commiment and persistence. (Top attributes sought by any employer)

And, if your a small business owner, a blog is a great way to communicate value, build relationships, and offer more transparency to you staff and curious community.  A blog, once followed can also be monetized in various ways, providing another income stream.  A blog can easily provide you with vacation size income, say around 3k per year, rather quickly. Start one now.

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