Spotting Profitable Direct Sales Home Biz Ideas for 2010

by J.Crawford on November 24, 2009

Seems we get a lot of readers who are looking for profitable home based business ideas or at home income opportunities.  After a while ridiculous income claims get to even the most brazen skeptics, no?  I’ve talked before about how the income claims COULD be true, in brief I explained how affiliate marketers can create products, get 50-100 affiliate partners, then launch a product.  Keep in mind these launches sometimes take six months or longer.

Another avenue that can support such income claims would be direct sales.  More specifically a profitable direct sales business model that has a passive element in addition to higher profit, in demand, quality products.

There are a few such profitable business ideas on the Internet today, I’ve personally worked with one and have researched half a dozen others.  In some ways it is much like affiliate marketing, and network marketing combined.  Basically your paid upfront profits at the point of sale, which is cool, and then your also compensated in some way by building  a successful sales team.

The key to spotting a profitable direct sales opportunity and choosing the best home based business is to look at:

  • The entrepreneurs/sales pros currently engaged in the business.
  • The marketing system- How leads are generated and how the product is sold.
  • The products- Are there back end products that make sense both from a business perspective and a consumer perspective.
  • Longevity of the product line OR ease of innovation of the product line.
  • How you are paid- Paid directly? By a company?
  • How products are handled- Do you have to handle product?

I think these are important points to look at when choosing the best home business opportunity in direct sales. Can you think of more?

Another point that bears mentioning is the home business mentor that you choose to work with when you throw your hat in.  It takes an entrepreneur to have a successful home business and in the direct sales industry you need to mentor others as a good share of the compensation will come from the sales force you build.

I’ve been researching a personal development home business for the past six months. It looks to have everything in place, its been going strong for a few years and it looks to have the elements required for long term success.  If you would like to evaluate that business, fill out the contact form on this site, its probably in the side bar.

You’ll notice I mention that I generated over 20 thousand dollars in income the first thirty days of a business opportunity, its true, I did.  Because of the compensation plan, they way things worked so to speak, my “advisor” or the person who helped be get started received all the Cash. So I learned two things:

  1. There is Money to be Made.
  2. Be an Advisor.

Another thing I learned which is the real take away from the whole experience, is that if a business model would have caused Me to be paid on that income, in the beginning, It would have made for a more profitable business.  More people who get started would stick around long enough to get through the learning curve… People start businesses to make money, not make someone else money, know what I mean?

Again, for what its worth, top tier direct sales business models, the 100k plus home business ads you see, are out there….

Home Business Idea for 2010

To learn more about the business I may use as another Income stream forbusinessstartupcard Create Liberty Ent. (This Website) fill out the contact form and I’ll show you what I’ve found and why I think its a good bet for a 2010 home business.

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Spotting Profitable Direct Sales Home Business Ideas for 2010 | #1 Home Based Business Opportunity
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