Starting Your Own Business: A Home Business Startup Guide

by J.Crawford on February 26, 2010

In this post I will show show how starting your own business can be broken down into simple process, a step by step home business start up guide of sorts. Will it work for every business? Probably not, but if your starting your own business with your own idea, it will will be useful especially if your starting your very first home business.

It would be great to write an article that shows exactly how to start a home business, but one size does not…. fit all.

The first step along the way of starting your own business is to do some pre planning. I’ve spent some time researching resources on starting a business and the SBA or Small Business Administration has improved their small business offerings immensely for 2010. If you have found these business resources to be lacking, like I did, you may be surprised to find improvements they have made to their websites.

Besides the SBA there are many other great start your own business guides online. I’m not getting into these resources to much as It seems I just did that a couple months ago. One thing worth pointing though is the page they have on avoiding loosing a bunch of cash and feeling like a tool.

Here is a Government Website that offers some information on Home Business Scams, It’s worth a read especially if your looking into home business opportunities that offer an in place system, these are sometimes referred to as a “buisiness in a box”.

I’d suggest doing your due diligence when it comes to these types of businesses, but I’d never say stay away from these because I know they work. That said, we want to look at starting your own business with your own idea. These are the fun ones, but they can be scary to actually get started too, I’ve been through this more than once.

Seems entrepreneurs are idea people and every entrepreneur probably has a thousand business ideas for every one they started. This is what can be scary about investing the time and money into starting your own home business….Will it work?  How long will it be before I’m earning a profit from the venture?  The questions keep coming, don’t they?

Here are a list of questions to ask before you start your business, these can be approached as a checklist of simple steps to take to start your business. So here we go:

Is there a significant demand for your product or service?

Do people want what you got?  Are they going to pay you for it?  Talking to friends and family about your own idea is one way to get feedback, but it probably isn’t the best feedback on whether you should move forward with you start up.  This phase is called market research by some.  I like to look at it as a time to gather resources, and really look at what we are about to do.  I have found myself that this is a part of the start up process where you business concept can really take shape.  Try not to be to attached to the original business idea as most businesses that are started look a lot different than when they were first conceived….Trust me.

This is also the time to access competition as competition can greatly affect whether you start up is really all that attractive.  Don’t run because there is competition, because you want a healthy competitive market because its the best sign that a customer base is there and eager to buy.  I’d look for ways to you can start a business that improves the current offerings or makes them easier to buy or use.  This is the angle many niche businesses use to start up these days.

Is your business concept or idea feasible? 

In other words if you could determine that the market called for what you want offer and you could be profitable, could you pull it off?  This usually comes down to having the skills, man power, and capital to make it happen. Answering no to this question isn’t the end of the road, it just means you have to take a look at gathering more resources or maybe take on a partner to help with the start up expenses.  Not suggesting it, just a thought. It is always better to know before you actually get your business up and running.

What is your plan to launch your business?

Starting your own business should be exciting and if you can make it that way, not only for yourself but others, you will likely have a successful launch.  I find the best time to create cross marketing opportunities is before you open the doors.  Another point is start up capital and cash flow, this can be difficult and this is the phase that might turn up some agreements that can improve cash flow, and even capital.

But, what about the actual plan?

Oh, yeah. Given this is is a home business your starting on your own terms, you can dictate how the launch will work, but get some counsel.  First thing I’d recommend is using a website or blog, and you can learn all about how to do that in short order if you have a business that is burning to started.  There are countless free resources on building a powerful website. If your stuck in this stage contact me via the contact tab at the top of my site.  The important thing when starting your own business is momentum, don’t stay stuck, ask questions, and make it happen.  I think this is the one common thread that separates entrepreneurs from employees, take personal responsibility for creating results everyday. Because you can and must.  Being busy won’t make a successful home business, noise is just noise, you need a song, one that people will listen to, know what I mean?

If you’ve read through this whole post and your wondering where the step by step guide is for starting your own business, there really isn’t one.  I’m guessing also if your still ready that you probably already know that.  Step by Step is employee material and isn’t all that effective in the business world, usually.

Step By Step Home Business Start Up Guide

I do some stuff online that is step by step, some of my income generating activity that is.  Here is the thing though, while I can break it up into step by step, it really is much more intuitive than a list.  Not to mention over 90% of being successful in business is about habits, character, determination, and will than it is about having the right plan, step by step or not.  You likely already know this too, if your still with me.

Any, maybe every business, comes down to doing something. So much noise…. Be the guy or gal who does something.  While everyone sit’s around talking about starting their own business, you be the one starting yours. Do something everyday to make your business better.  At first this might only be on paper, it may happen through conversation, doesn’t matter just do something. 

Over time I realize I can only think about doing something for so long before I end up talking about it.  I’ve also learned I can only talk about doing something for so long before I end up doing something about it.  At the end of the day starting a business is about the doing, but until then keep it forever in your thoughts, and conversation.

A key component to starting your own business and building a successful home business is surrounding yourself with people who make you want to your best.  This is key, I could list about 500 quotes about this one idea, you’ve already heard most of them so I won’t.  Maybe you don’t have a great community of entrepreneurs for friends, so what, use the Internet. Be interested in other people and their business and the will be interested in your own idea.  Check out CreateLiberty.Com’s Face-Book fan page become a fan early on and establish relationships with other entrepreneurs that you can mutually benefit from for years to come.

Most successful home business entrepreneurs are connected, how did they get that way?  They connected themselves.  Find the winners, tell them what your up to, they know….

2010 is an exciting time, things are different aren’t they?  Starting your own home  business online is one of the best businesses to start in 2010, bar none.  I feel odd saying that given more than one of the income streams in my business didn’t even exist 6 or 7 years ago.  People joke about the business concepts that don’t seem to make sense today, I see this a lot with twitter. Do I use twitter?  You bet I do.  Do I completely understand it and feel twitter is overwhelmingly productive and useful, nope.  Do I think by this time next year it will play a big part in my success, and income statement, I sure the hell do!  That’s why I do it.  I didn’t understand 100% of what I do right now at some point in the past, and not to far in the past I might add.

What is a good business I can start from home?

If your a person who is stuck in this question, I can totally relate.  I owned a commercial construction firm for 8 years or so.  I reached a yearly revenue of over 2.8 million dollars, had 30 plus employees and through a moment of clarity realised I was one of the most miserable people I knew. I couldn’t sleep sometimes for 3 nights in a row and was developing a nervous twitch in my face.  I knew it had to stop and not long later I asked myself this same probing question…” what is a good business to start “. Part of me just wanted to go and hide, so I did in a way.  I spent around 8 months on an Island in Lake Michigan figuring out what I wanted to do moving forward.

What I did, the approach I took, was to define what I wanted my life to look like if it could be exactly as I wanted it.   This was tough to do, but in brief I came up with something like this:

I want who I am, and what I naturally do to support me in an emotional, spiritual, financial, and responsible way.

That’s simple enough right?  Well here I am…..

I like what I do, I enjoy writing to this site and developing new and creative ways to start businesses an earn money on the Internet.  Its fun, I enjoy great latitude to do as I please with my time and money.  I’ve also, since this moment of clarity, taken great steps to simplify my life.  This was painful at first but it is absolutely necessary if you want to experience financial freedom as quickly as possible which was my approach.

I’d like to hear from you in the comments. How do you relate to the things I’ve mentioned in this post?  Are you pissed off about not finding a clean list of steps and such?  I know what you mean.  I remember feeling like, “If I just knew WHAT to do, I could do ANYTHING!”, ever feel that way?

Well my view is that if you were able to take one small thing from this that will assist you in taking action toward starting your own business then I’ve been a success, please do share with others what you think in the comments.

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