Successful Home Business to Start: Starting, and Succeeding From Home.

by J.Crawford on July 24, 2008

Starting a Home Business: Is It Right For You?


Starting a profitable home based business: What does it really require?


  • Are you Coachable and Trainable?
  • Are you serious about generating a significant income in the next six to twelve months?
  • Will you commit to 1-4 hours per day, four days per week and about an hour and a half on Friday?
  • Are you successful?  I mean when you put your mind to something, do you succeed? Think about it.
  • Are you willing to follow a simple system consistently, without re-inventing the wheel? Refer to #1, it’s Key!
  • Do you have a another option of creating a multiple six figure per year income working from home part time? If so, What are you looking for here?

So far so good?  Check out this video. It has some good points.  It has nothing to do with my business specifically, but generally is brilliant as far as success goes. Give a listen, let us know your thoughts.
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Successful home based business entrepreneurs who have started and succeeded in a turnkey home business opportunity have generally had these attributes.  It’s not real complicated, it’s simple.  Most of us have found at one point or another that we were our biggest obstacle.  If you have a strong desire for real freedom (I mean personal, relational, financial and time freedom ) then you may be a fit for this business.

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A Profitable work at home based businesschanges things.  I can constantly look for ways to increase my time economy… For instance, using a simple auto responder or setting up contact forms in such a way as to filter out people who are just looking for a lottery ticket saves literally hours of time.

All the tools that I have been shown by my mentors are cream of the crop ideas, techniques and systems that allow me to operate extremely efficiently and earn the most money, while only working with the right individuals.

I don’t do sales, I don’t have to, and you don’t either.  We use a simple marketing system… That works.  I recommend starting a business that does not rely on you spending money in someone elses marketing system.  I see a lot of that going on online.  It’s silly.  Own your marketing system and you will become a six or multi-six figure earner online.

Don’t build something you can’t use in 3 years as far as marketing goes.

Another tip with regards to starting a home business that works for you:  Find a business opportunity with products your interested in or see yourself becoming interested in.  This is important.

Here are a few resources on starting a business from home.

Business plan Ideas (SBA)

Starting Your Own Business Resources (SBA)

Home business start up tool kit(Entreprenuer . Com)

Starting a Home Based business (Create Liberty . Com)

Ever wonder what the best place to start a business is. Which state? 

What is the coolest experience you have had with starting a home based business???

Let’s see it in the comments.

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