Steps to Starting a Successful Home Business: Best Place to Start.

by J.Crawford on September 29, 2008

Steps to Starting a Successful Personal Business From Home Using the Internet and Desire.

“Starting a successful home business can be done with thousands of approaches. But the best place to start is a clear explanation and it start with you your current circumstances and your best chance to achieve the specific results that will inspire, motivate, and fulfill your expectations for the new start up your dreaming about.”

I will use a share simple stories from my own experience of finding a good business for myself. First off, my name is Joe Crawford, I live in northern Michigan, actually in lake Michigan, on an Island. More about that later. If you are helped by what you read here, let us know in the comments. We have loved interacting with our readers over the past couple years.

In my early twenties I decided to start a business in the concrete industry. Here is what was going on in my life at the time. I was going to work at 5 in the morning and getting home at around four o’clock. It was a decent job for my circumstances, I earned around 32k and I did not have a bunch of bills. When I started my first business I did it purely because of the fact that I could. And that is the first tip to starting a successful business for yourself.  Certain businesses are “possible” for you to start, some aren’t.

That does not narrow the search down to the point where you can move forward though does it?  Back the first company I started.  The concrete business I started was a traditional business model. I had employees, an office, equipment, liability insurances, workers compensation insurance, etc…

When I started the businessoverhead was low.  Profits were high. Here is what happened… As time went on and more employees were hired and theft happened and inefficiency happened and things broke and customers didn’t pay and ones that did often payed 6 to 8 months later. I made decisions and took control and attempted to make things better and more profitable as they once were. More often than not my answer was to do bigger work. Long story short, I wound up with over 30 employees, multi-million dollar contracts, a horrible cash flow situation and stress, stress, stress.

What could I do to start a better business and how?

I began asking this question, maybe you have asked it yourself. I asked this question more and more instead of how can I make more or live better doing this, I began to ask, “how can I change my life, my business, and my situation by doing something completely different?

The Best Place To Start: Finding a Business that is Perfect For You?

In the winter of 2007 I sat down with a piece of paper, a pencil, and a whole slew of difficult situations in my life. The worst, most painful reality, was that I felt unrewarded, unfulfilled, and under paid, and I OWNED the business! What I did is what I recommend you doing now. Regardless if you have had the best year of your life or the worst.

Exercise for determining the best business to start.

  • How much money will you be willing to invest?
  • What skills and talents would you most like to use on a consistent basis?
  • What income requirements do you currently have?
  • Who else will this decision affect?
  • What level of income is you ideal income goal?  Be Specific.
  • Is there something that you would do for free? That your not doing now?
  • What type of lifestyle do you most want? How many hours for work, for play?
  • What is a short statement of what you expect the business to provide you for your hard work, dedication, risk taking, and persistence.

Here was what I came up with on that piece of paper that day in the winter of 2007.

I want a home business that as it grows it becomes more of a blessing instead of a curse. I don’t care if it starts small, but I want it to have growth element that allow it to grow without my complete undivided attention. I want a business with less exposure to risk and economic down turns. I want to feel in control of my life an by business.  I want to help other people in a meaningful way and I want no employees. I would like to earn 250k per year and am willing to do whatever it takes to get to that point. Ultimately I want to work no more than 40 hours per week and I want to be able to work from anywhere.

This was what I came up with. I set out to create a business that would represent my goals and desires for my life. Now it is important to see the difference in the two approaches. The first business was one that I could. The second was one that I really wanted.

I continue to develop the business that I scratched on that paper. I use the Internet as a tool to grow my company and utilized several income streams.  I have been extremely fortunate to bump into some very giving and helpful people along the way that made my experience online more successful more quickly.

Sitting down with the people in your life and discussing where you want to be in 5 years is a golden suggestion. If your wise you will do it.  Look at any 5 year period in your life and show me where there hasn’t been significant changes? You can’t right? “If there are going to be changes in your life anyway, why not pick the ones you want? (Jim Rohn)

Creating different results requires taking different steps. Its really that simple. One other main thing I did differently in creating a new business is that, I got help. Sounds simple but that was tough in a traditional brick and mortar business model.  Learn from those who already have the results your after. I have learned so much from successful entrepreneurs that I can’t even count the value.  Most of the information that I have acquired has cost only the time to read it, the time to make a phone call, or the time to sit down and write an email.

How much does it cost to start a successful home business?

I’ve paid pennies for other information that allows me to make a more consistent income.  I work with some of the top home based entrepreneurs in the world. Don’t ask me how that happened, I haven’t a clue. I simply was coachable, asked questions, and told people what I wanted. Having money to invest in your new business is going to speed your success and profitability.  I can show a person how to get started in a lucrative business with under 2 thousand dollars. If someone has a ton of time but very little money there are was to get started much cheaper.

There are a lot of fancy cars, piles of money, extravagant homes, flashing all around the Internet.  It is not my style.  But realise behind those ridiculous material displays are real entrepreneurs, making money, thousands, day after day.  They are trying to get your attention.  Sure there is a lot of garbage online, but today, the stuff you will actually find is put there by marketing dollars. The winners, the successful entrepreneurs are not selling trash. I know this from experience.

Successful home business entrepreneurs know the value of relationships. They all have back end items that have much larger price tags than the first one you will buy.  They know you won’t buy if they did not over deliver the first time.  This is the inside truth of success online.  It is still business, you MUST add value or you won’t make a dime, nor should you.

Once you determine what you are looking for in a new business.  You will have no problem finding one that fits your criteria. I will be either adding to this post or creating a new one. Here is the idea… Tell me what you think.

A step by step program to assist a person in choosing the right home business to start.

Would it be useful to create a program that could ask questions like, investment level, risk level, personality type, hours willing to commit, activities willing to perform, time frame for profitability, income potential, current level of income, coaching, training needed, etc…

Would that be helpful to you or do you think it would be helpful to people looking to start a successful business and are looking for the best place to start?

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