Success and the Power of Association.

by J.Crawford on November 5, 2008

A Group of Successful Small Business Entrepreneurs.

Does that conjure up any images for you? Do you see ties, or brief cases, or beady eyes or red faces. Do you sense stress, and greed, power or speed….

Just kidding.. No!,  I’m not writing a poem today.

Seriously I spent a couple hours at home this afternoon with a group of successful home business entrepreneurs, via a live conference call. The topic? Apparently the media industry is down a bit or hungry and we’re negotiating, what sounds like a hell of a media buy.

I say “we”, actually, one of the members of the group, oops, that’s not even fair. I work with a couple from South Carolina who really are top notch leaders. Robin, one of my mentors in our home business, who is really the catalyst of our team, happens to be a real naughty negotiator, and she is putting together a multi-publication deal with a few of the top small business entrepreneur magazines.

During the conference call I was thinking about the power of association and how insignificant it can seem 90% of the time. The other 10% percent of the time, here and there, is better, you really get a sense of what your fortunate enough to be a part of. You ever thought or felt that way?

I like teams. I like people working together, inspiring each other, creating possibilities and going for it. Association brings opportunity for change. Whether it be for the better or worse, I don’t think you can associate without being influenced. An I don’t think you have the option of not associating.

There is power in association, its nothing new, your probably not taking notes right now, right? Get This, though…What would it mean in your life right now if you sat down and planned your associations for the next six months? What if you set aside the logistics of current plans, the how to, and just aligned yourself with a group of people who embodied the characteristics of where you were wanting to be?

Intentional Thinking.

Do you think if you were wanting to be more creative this year at the same time as being more organized and balanced you would benefit by seeking out a few people who excelled in each area.  What if you took a painting class, did yoga a couple mornings a week and…. Well, think of something for the organized part…

Try this approach. I’ve had a few attempts at creating change this way and was impressed. You get who you are, you’ve likely heard that right? Well if who you are is not serving you just now, then a step toward tweaking your experience or “yourself”, would be changing association, right….

This started out as a simple idea. Anyway, my point. There is power in association so associate intentionally!

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