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by J.Crawford on January 3, 2009

Taking on risk is an accepted element of being a successful entrepreneur.  While Its common to think financial risk, legal risk and career risk, I think the biggest risk (and fear) people face including entrepreneurs is a more about perception among peers.  We all need to belong.

This could be the thinking that creates most of the frustration, stress, and conflict that we face.  Some things are black and white, hot and cold, or in or out.  Your either dead or not, or pregnant or not, right?  Dying is still not dead, trying to get pregnant is still not pregnant.

Deciding to “do it anyway” is a black and white thing too.  Your either creating the life you want or tracing a life between fulfilling your dreams and those othersmay have for you.  One is an original, ones a counterfeit.

I’ve made excuses before and so have you.  I doesn’t feel good.  I’ve been a victim at times, I doesn’t feel good. 

Being at cause and on purpose, when boiled  right down, happens in three simple steps. And its where power comes from. Here they are:

  1. Having the courage to even consider it.
  2. Contemplate the Possibilities.
  3. Choose the Possibilities.

One can’t happen without the other, and conformity won’t hold your hand on this one.  Its a personal and individual decision, you will make it ALONE. That’s why it takes courage.  It will look as if your leaving the group.  The fear is in the fact that your new group, your new comrades, won’t appear until you’ve chosen the possibilities.

Success is about intention.  If you want to call it success you have to call

Intention is about calling your shot. Having a purpose...A goal.
Intention is about calling your shot. Having a purpose…A goal.

your shot. Anything else is just slop…

While usually not a proponent of “conventional wisdom”, I’ve gotta think that overcoming obstacles and circumstances pretty much comes down to an unwavering resolve to “do it anyway”…. 

That’s what this guy did.

Now stay with me here.  I’m guessing this guy didn’t take the path he took so someone, one day in the future, would make this video.  I’m thinking he did it because he wanted to.  I’m also gonna take make the grand assumption that he had to consciously, at some point, say ” I’m doing it anyway”.

So what do you want to do that you haven’t and what excuses have given you comfort in that decision?

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