Successful Business Ideas 101: For Young Entrepreneurs

by J.Crawford on November 23, 2011

We live in really cool times entrepreneurial speaking and young entrepreneurs continue to out do themselves every year.  Successful business ideas are all around us in many ways they help to create our very culture.  You don’t have to invent the next YouTube to realise the benefits of a successful business idea and there isn’t a certain age you have to be to get started either.  When I listen to people, who may be family, friends, customers, or strangers, talk about business ideas or starting a business I often hear a few common themes that are really just myths.  Myths that keep many people from starting something new.

What many young entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners might not realize is that you don’t need to have all the details to get started, many successful business owners don’t have a clue “how” something will work, they just know it will and they get started.  One of the “secrets” to successful business ideas is that someone, somewhere…. Did something.  Sound simple, I know, but stay with me.  When you do something, when you put something out there, things happen.  You get reactions, insight, feedback, and sometimes results.  If you can take a business idea and do enough with it to get some results you may just be on your way to the developing  a successful enterprise.

Obstacles to Starting a Successful Business

Many of the entrepreneurs I know are, in part, dreamers. Maybe it’s a requirement?  Action is the key to creating a successful business ideas and at some point you have to Do Something. There are always reasons for not doing something.  Here are some of them I’ve used myself:

  • I don’t have enough money.
  • People around here wouldn’t go for that idea.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I don’t know how to get started.

The money problem has to be the most popular, I know it has been for me in the past.  What I’ve learned about funding is that it will show up if you business idea is worthy of it.  Most of the expenses of starting a business now days can be avoided or delayed until the business has in some ways proven itself.  Not every business works this way. But maybe you could consider starting one that does work this way, especially if money for starting the business is your business hang up. There are several different successful businesses you can start that don’t require a lot of start up capital.

At Home Business Ideas

Work at home business ideas are one of the best business ideas that you can start with very little money.  Many start home based business with no money, if done it myself in a round about way.  When I first started my online business, which is run exclusively from my home office, I had absolutely no starting capital invested.  The online business I have today, was started with no capital. I share more about this home business model throughout this website, it’s nothing fancy and it is nothing new.  At home business ideas can be started using the Internet and other free or low cost strategies from blogging to affilliate marketing. I wrote an article about 3 Internet business ideas that will make money this year.

Building Trades Home Business Ideas

I have a friend online who is a carpenter by trade, apparently a few years back he took a fall and was hurt pretty bad.  His name is Mitch and what he decided to do in his recovery was research ways to earn money online.  He was, probably for the first time, without a means to sustain his income doing what he had always done.  Instead of moping around, he got a pretty good grasp of the Internet.  I’ve watched him learn how the Internet works and recently I’ve seen him apply his knowledge of the Internet with his skill as a craftsman. It’s pretty cool. You can learn more about the “Online Carpenter” my visiting his website Dillman Solutions.

Just like Mitch I found a niche on the Internet that inspired me.  I love writing, studying and researching small successful business ideas and learning from other entrepreneurs.  This website is one example of a way I can add value and share with others what I have learned.  Successful business ideas often marry one skill or talent that you already have with a new one, Mr. Dillman is a great example of that.

Home Based Consulting Business

If you have expert knowledge or experience and expertise in a given field you can likely sell you knowledge as a consultant.  Starting a home based consulting business can be a low cost business idea.  It may cost you nothing.  It’s actually something I would like to do in 2012 to some extent.  I’ve learned a lot about the Internet over the years and there are some small businesses that could benifit greatly by using the Internet and a business website correctly. One of key elements for me starting this type of at home consulting business is to make sure I do it in a way that is scalable.  I’m not interested in starting a purely service based business and I don’t want to work 90 hours a week. To me successful business ideas have to deliver what the entrepreneur wants too.  What I would likely do is have a few templates made that would work in the industries I’m familiar with.  This is one way that I could offer a web based solutions to small business owners without having to spend so much time.

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