Successful Home Based Business To Start Online: An Invite

by J.Crawford on April 25, 2010

This post is an informative invitation to those scouring the Internet looking for the best home businesses to start their own small business online. I’ll talk more about one of the most successful home business models and online business opportunity I’ve found, and I’ve been seeking (spying) out the best home based business ideas for quite a while, in hopes of finding a good fit to offer here at CreateLiberty.Com…. 

A bitter sweet experience with a turnkey business opportunity in the personal development industry a couple years ago started what has become a very successful network of home business and small business websites. I’ve always loved business and truly thought I found a successful home business I could use to create an on the go income…I just wanted to be able to work from where I was and I didn’t want employees again…..That isn’t asking to much, right?…Well it didn’t work out, not for me anyway…. So what happened? 

Well, long story short, it was my first go around with this type of business (direct sales business model with a “2 up compensation plan”) and I wasn’t prepared for what success required, nor was that ever clearly defined. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. 

I’ve always been good at what I really set my mind to….Always. 

I think most people are, know what I mean? 

Think about the things you have really excelled in. Wouldn’t you agree that the things that captivated your full attention and ambition turned out to be successful? 

So why didn’t I achieve the success I wanted? 

Primarily the two contributing factors that were obstacles to my success were, I did not understand lead generation, and the compensation plan…Here is what I mean. 

I bought a website that was supposed to be “proven” to work great for connecting with intelligent individuals who were looking to create a significant income working part time hours from a home office. The website was CRAP, primarily for one reason: It would never attract natural search traffic (the free kind) which is how you got here today. 

The compensation plan was what it was. Being my first experience doing business on the Internet and my first “business opportunity” I didn’t want to lay out a bunch of capital right off the bat, which is understandable, so what did that mean? 

I generated over 23k US dollars in the first month and NEVER saw a PENNY! Ouch!! Still stings a little bit, mainly because I here a little voice saying “I told you so”, which was from a “well meaning adviser”….. 

So at this point I felt trapped, here is why… 

I felt like in order to be successful I’d basically have to lead people, people just like YOU, along a path that would leave them feeling the same way I did that day… or week. NOT FOR ME! 

I want to feel good about what I do. I work hard and invest time into what I really care about and since I’m an entrepreneur that usually includes my businesses. I didn’t feel good about the prospect of leading other along a path that I felt was a dead end and that is where I found myself. 

Here is what I’ve learned since: 

Most successful home based business owners do a few common things and believe me I’ve studied a long list that would likely fill this page. The “common” things or successful strategies to starting a building a lucrative and successful home business that delivers both free time and lots of cash (net profit) ALWAYS: 

• Follow a System
• Own their Marketing Machine 

Home based business ideas, good ones, come and go. Five years from now the best online businesses will be different from the ones to day, know what I mean? Here is the thing…. If you own your marketing machine, it won’t matter ( I can help you with this). Remember that business I mentioned earlier, well it bombed….If I had been building a marketing machine specific to that business I would have bombed too, but I didn’t and thank God for that. In fact, instead of “bombing” I went on to build a successful network of small business websites that generate a passive income month after month around the clock regardless of where I go, what I do, who I’m spending time with or what other business ventures I’m working, how about that! 

Oh… another thing that most successful online business entrepreneurs do is: They look at their home business like a real business and plan accordingly. Looking back I was thinking only short term and not approaching the opportunity that the Internet (or the business opportunity) really offered. The short term is important and I wouldn’t recommend starting a home based business that wasn’t geared to be profitable within the first 30 days or so because I know how power profitability is, more from a mental standpoint than anything. 

How to Create a Successful Home Business

If your still here and engaged in what your reading, I bet you have a real good reason why success is important. I mean what does earning and extra 5 to 10 thousand dollars working less than 20 hours a week do to your life? We all have our own reasons, but here is the thing, if success is so important to you then why not go ahead and create a situation where you success is inevitable? I’ve actually done this, and it isn’t that difficult. 

Is creating inevitable success really possible? 

Success isn’t mysterious anymore, not today, not in 2010. If success is anything, it is a science, hell there is a book with the name “The Science of Success”….. 

Everyone, including you, has what I call an Inevitability Equation that pertains to success, it goes something like: 

If I do this then I can only experience success. 

When it comes to having raving success in your own cash generating home based business it is all about defining what it is you have to do. Most people won’t flat out share what they do, for what ever reason it just doesn’t happen a whole lot… 

…But, what if a business model, or the compensation plan is structured so this happens freely and is even and element of elite results? You bet… you’ll get the goods! 

The task becomes clearly defining the “this” in the equation. At the end of the day “this” will include: (this is big) 

• Daily Time Commitment
• Participating in Correct Training
• Developing a workable budget
• Developing a Daily Method of Operations
• Staying disciplined with DMO and budget plan
• Understanding and engaging in Income Producing Activities
• Developing Leadership Skills/ Helping Others 

Basically what this list means is that you have a certain amount of time you can devote to your business without totally disrupting the balance in your life. You come in with certain skill sets and you may need to pick up a few new ones, training will allow that to happen quickly. You have a budget now an apparently it works to one extent or another. You need to make room in your budget for you business expenses, lucky for you cost of operating a profitable home business are peanuts compared with ANY type of a traditional business. There will be certain things you will do everyday, or at least the days you set to work on your business. This “daily method of operations” will be your road map to success and it takes the guess work out of “What can I do today to help my business grow”. 

So now you’re honoring your time commitment made to the business and engaging in the training you need for success. You’ve developed your budget and know what to do each day. The next thing to really get good at is staying focused and disciplined with your DMO and operating within your budget. You will understand which activities produce income and you will be engaging in them more and looking for ways to increase the time spent on income producing activity. 

Leadership is really more “Doing” than anything. In the home business world results are the badge of leadership. If you work at the ideas already mentioned you’ll be getting results and begin helping others. 

I like helping other succeed and this is on of the key elements I look for in a good home business opportunity. The best home based business ideas will have a compensation component that rewards those who are willing to help others actually achieve results and the top incomes (multiple six figures) are exclusively reserved for those who are successful at helping others. 

The only way to fail at this point is to Quit. Now that is power, talk about being in the driver’s seat of your financial future! 

Often times people fail or quit an otherwise profitable and successful home based business opportunity because the try too hard. They try to achieve their goals in 30 days when they have goals that require more like 18 months to legitimately realize… There is a good chance they overlooked the budget part of the equation too. Throwing money at the wall, wasting cash on crappy marketing, never made anyone a success in the world of home business; it won’t work for you either. Trust me I learned the hard way! 

Really think about the life you would like to create. Think about the big goal…. If you have a compelling enough goal, one you really, really want to achieve, then you will realize the value and give it the time frame it deserves. Trust me your worth it and so is your goal. 

You are Invited to Evaluate a Successful Home Business

I am Joe Crawford I’d like to personally invite you to evaluate a top tier business opportunity designed to create significant incomes and that intentionally requires less than 20 hours a week to operate successfully. My experience requires me to tell you that setting up your marketing machine may require more time…. At the end of the day, your marketing machine IS your business! 

Right now I’m looking for people who are ready to start a work at home based business in the next 2 months. ONLY sign up via the form below if you are relatively certain that you want to: 

• Start Your Own Business
• Your Business Must Be Home Based 


Join Create Liberty Entrepreneurs on Facebook!

There is no obligation; you’re simply asking to be put on the list of people who are interested in evaluating the business details. 

I only want to work with people who are serious about creating a 100k plus income from home and would like to do that in the next 12-18 months. 

I’m looking for about 10 people who want to work together, share ideas, and contribute to achieving like minded goals, if that’s you, I can’t wait to chat! 


J. Crawford 

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