Successful Income Opportunity For Successful People.

by J.Crawford on November 11, 2008

Welcome to Create Liberty Enterprises. This website has three functions:

One:  To connect with successful professional people who are open to a lucrative home business as a successful income opportunity. Learn More by visiting the successful home business page.(I don’t have any magic dust, so sales pitch, or easy get rich program. Just an opportunity for successful people to get paid what their worth.)

Two:  To talk Small business. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life and I love things entrepreneurial. I’ve built traditional business from scratch to 2.5 million in revenue and over thirty employees.  I’m also now building an online enterprise, well kind of. Not really an online business, but I use the Internet as a tool to market the business and connect with other people looking for a better way to create a income in excess of 200k.

Three:  To share my experience and provide a place for others to share their experience in personal development and self growth. I enjoy connecting with other entrepreneurs and would like to connect with other entrepreneurs. If your interested in contributing an article or post feel free to email me.Most of us love to read, we are aware, and have a vast array of diverse relationships.  What I’m interested in revealing are those aaahh ha moments. The paradigm shifts, the intuitive nudgings that resulted in major life transformations.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you find the site useful and we thank you for your contibution!

Search the site: Some popular searches here are: personal development, personal development exercises,free downloads,funny business videos,work life balance,getting along with coworkers,difficulties in business,starting a business,etc. Also if your an entrepreneur or aspire to be, share your experience with our readers.

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