The Inevitability Equation™: The Book

by J.Crawford on May 8, 2010

Hey there,

I’m currently working on the book, I’d like to say I’m finishing it up, but it has a way of telling me when it’s done not the other way around.  Either way I’ve decided to offer it at CreateLiberty.Com to the first 250 people at no charge.

What’s it about?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, but I didn’t always have the freedom I have today.  The Inevitability Equation™ is all about getting there. 

Getting Where?  You might ask…After all life is a journey not a destination right?

Wrong.  At least it didn’t work that way for me and when I look around I don’t see it working for most other folks either.  And why’s that?  Because wandering aimlessly in search of solice and comfort is a bunch of shit and that isn’t why I’m here, it’s not why your here either.

Getting Where?

Getting to a place of freedom, to a place where your life fits like the glove your supposed to wear.  In short The Inevitability Equation is about my personal transition into a life of freedom and fulfillment. It offers a step-by-step plan to create the life you desire, but first it’s designed to help you remember that life…The one you either quit dreaming about long ago, or the one that’s persistantly tugging at you no matter what you do or where you go.

What if I’ve already got my shit together Joe?

Well maybe you can get a chuckle out of the rest of us…No seriously, I don’t care where your at right now, if your anything like me, you experience a life that is always pushing at you and nudging you off course little by little.  Whether its taking a promotion you shouldn’t have, or loosing your patience with your children, or just loosing interest in a life long passion, most things change my friend and you need to have your feet firmly planted  in those that don’t.

Don’t think of it as a “get rich and be happy book” I’m not rich, not even close.  It’s about being intentional and getting your power back by working with an end vision in mind.

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The Inevitability Equation


I’m putting up this optin form for two reasons. Number One, so you’ll get your book and number two so I’ll have your email to get in touch.  Why do I want to get in touch?  Here’s the deal, when I release the book to the public I’d like to do it with your feedback.  Feedback both in the form of suggested changes I can consider before the launch AND feedback in how it’s helped you personally, and I think it will.

Do you HAVE to participate in feedback, just because you take a free copy? Nope.

By the way… if you’d like to help me launch the book I love the help!

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