Tips on Starting a Home Based Business Idea or Work at Home Small Business Ideas

by J.Crawford on July 20, 2011

If your looking for a good or want to expand your current business or income with a new small business idea in 2011 I’d love your feedback. I started a home based business using the Internet several years ago and it has slowly build into a profitable business endeavor. Making money is the point and it took me a while, just being honest. I got a call this morning from a gentleman who has tried many different small business ideas that work from a home office and he wasn’t happy with his results at all. He asked if I could help.

Before I try to direct him I wanted to get some feedback on common concerns and questions you might have with regards to starting a business from home or making money on the Internet.

Leave questions comments and overall experience about home based business ideas you have implemented. Tell us what has worked and what hasn’t. I’ll do a follow up post on my personal experience and what I feel you should avoid when starting a small business online.

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