Top Home Business Franchise Ideas And What to Look For

by J.Crawford on June 16, 2010

By being online for the last several years, focusing on the home based business industry and specifically researching about every home based business idea to hit the Internet since 2007 I’ve seen a trend in the home business franchise sector.  I’m not sure when the first popular home based franchise hit the market, but I’m guessing it was withing the last 10 years.  This article will help you make sense of the top home business franchise ideas and what a typical day might look like.

Franchises are regulated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and they recently ruledon some important facts that differentiate business opportunities and franchises.  Many home based business opportunities are not home business franchises at all, they are actually direct selling opportunities, which are basically likened to a business opportunity.  Typically a franchise will require a larger up front investment, though it’s not always the case.

Home Business Franchise Tip:

Educate yourself before you go jumping into a small business opportunity whether it’s a franchise or some other form of home based income.  You could also visit this resource on franchises and business opportunities.

What’s the Best Home Business Franchise?

Great question, and I’m going to be general in my answer but relevant. Not all franchise business ideas are truly home based and it’s important to understand that.  If your looking to truly work from a home office and have complete control over your time, expenses, and start up capital, then choose carefully.

Most any home business franchisethat is offers a service will have expenses that vary.  These are over and above any marketing costs and costs of materials or supplies.  Going to any site to preform a service will incur expenses that are often overlooked in accessing profitability. Some forms of service type home based franchises include:

  • Home Repair Franchises
  • Cleaning Franchise Ideas
  • Landscaping and Decorative Concrete Franchise
  • Construction Oriented Franchise
  • Vehicle Repair or Cleaning Franchise
  • Moving Franchise Ideas
  • Home Inspector Franchise

These are examples of franchise ideas that are marketed as home business franchise but will require much if not most of the same daily activities of any traditional business you were to start on your own.  Essentially your paying for the brand and the right to further the brand in the market place….Which always struck me as odd, but franchises do work, so…

If you don’t mind interacting with the public (your customers) on a daily basis a service type franchise may be just what your looking for.  Many people are looking for more control over time and expenses and would rather steer clear of service type home business franchise ideas.  There are also many of these to choose from.  Choosing the best home business franchise idea is really all about what you want your day to look like. It’s best to check with current franchisees, maybe even visit, and get a feel for what the business really takes to operate successfully.

Some home business franchise ideas that don’t require as much face to face interaction and can be operated from your home office almost exclusively include:

  • Tutoring Franchise
  • Financial Consulting Franchise Ideas
  • Personal Coaching Franchise ideas
  • Loan Brokering
  • Direct Sales Type Franchise Ideas of Many Kinds
  • Publication Type Franchise Ideas
  • Some Product Distribution Franchise Ideas

These franchises are more what I would consider to be true home business franchise models and won’t require as many unfixed expenses.  Keep in mind many franchise owners still attend trade shows and do other face to face marketing and this will incur additional expenses as well.

Costs of Home Business Franchise Ideas

Home business franchises start up costs are thought of as much lower than a traditional business you would start on your own, but I’d do the math if I were you.  From my research I’d say an accurate start up cost range for a typical home business franchise idea would be between $5,000 and $200,000 dollars. 200k franchise ideas are the exception, the average is closer to 25k.

I appreciate any comments you have about starting a home business franchise.


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immanuel March 7, 2011 at 5:24 am

Those ideas will work for you and will make your money grow. Just invest wisely and always think twice before you decide.
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