Top Work At Home Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

by J.Crawford on March 11, 2010

I don’t see any issues with a beginner making money online and I get asked often, “what are the top ways to make money using the Internet for beginners”… people just starting out. So what are the top work at home ways to make money?

Keep in mind the top money making strategies may not be the best, as far as the best way for you to starting earning from home, that all depends on a bunch of circumstances. If you want specific answers, ask in the Comments and someone can help I’m sure.  The top money making strategies online are competitive….. Any industry or niche worth starting a business in has to have competition, its a component of a worthwhile endeavor. If there is no competition, there probably isn’t a market and it’s no different online.

Most successful small businesses command a “position” in a competitive marketplace and if you want to earn significant income from home working online, you’ll have to do the same and this is where the wisdom lies in choosing the best way to start a successful online business.  Picking a niche or topic you CAN command a position in, that’s also competitive, is where it all starts.

A profitable home based business you run from home is just like a small business in your local town, not exactly like it, but more like it than not.  Too many people get it all messed up and think the Internet is like the lottery and the only thing that stands between them and financial success online is one “perfect money making idea”…. It’s bunk, don’t buy into it….. it is a WASTE of time and a sure way to mediocrity at best.

The simple method or formula you can use to determine a good path to earning money from home works like this:

What are your interests or areas of expertise?

This goes back to the CAN part of the equation.  The best home based business for you to start is one that you CAN start.  Starting an enterprise you have absolutely know knowledge of is a sure bet for a long unfruitful journey, don’t do it in the beginning.  List topics that interest you, not worrying about whether they are good for making money or have commercial value.

What Business ideas on your list will make money?

Next you have to figure out which, if any, of your home business ideaswould actually earn any money.  There are many different ways to do this, on of the easiest is to see if there is any competition, remember no competition no market.  One example that comes to mind is T-Shirts. This is a competitive market place and people do well in this niche, I’ve seen more than one in the last couple years, do you think this is too competitive?  They didn’t and it worked out.

Is your work at home idea workable in the real world?

Many of the best home based businessesoperate online and in the real world. Actually on of the business ideas I have this year is to implement this opportunity myself.  I get asked alot what I do, since most people in the community don’t really relate to what I do, I’m going to develop a real product, which is in the gourmet coffeebusiness, so I can simply say, “I produce custom gourmet coffee that’s affordable, do you drink coffee?  The key for me is being able to point them to a website online where they can order the coffee.  This business isn’t directly tied to my other online businesses but it all works out. Having a business idea that works in the real work can be very productive, but it doesn’t have to.

Starting a website to make money from home.

Starting a website to make money with a home business idea is a common step in the path to creating an income online.  Starting a small business website is much easier than it was five years ago and the programs for starting a small business website are set up with the beginner in mind so don’t be afraid of this step, if you would like assistance in getting a website that works get in touch via our contact page found in the top navigation bar of this page, also visit the SEO page for pricing and why building a website the right way from the start is the most cost effective way to gaining customers for your small business and increasing sales whether they are local or across the globe.  Beginners often waste money on the initial start up of their business website, try to avoid that.

The bottom line to making money working from home… Or anywhere.

Here is the deal, there are only a few ways to actually make money from home, online, off line, or anywhere really:

  • Sell your own product or service.
  • Sell someone Else’s product or service.
  • Connect buyers with sellers.
  • Promote a direct sales or network marketing business.

That’s it… pretty simple, you probably already knew this, but it points back to doing proper research when starting you business. If you want to be successful, do good research, make sure people are interested in your product or service.  The best 2010 work at home jobs will have a strong combination of the points listed here as well, working in an obscure market is a waste of time and there is always ample opportunity to do that…

What other questions do you have about starting a home based business or making money from home.

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March 11, 2010 at 6:36 pm


Michelle March 16, 2010 at 4:37 pm

I do agree with you, a lot of people do think that online businesses are like the lottery, they may start it but then never keep it updated or take the effort to take make it grow and then expect it to earn them heaps of money, when it certainly doesn’t work that way. It still takes a lot of effort, almost the same efforts as you would make in a physical business.

Another good option for starters is to start their businesses through blogs. Since blog sites are much cheaper than websites to start off with. Then as they grow and continue to improve, they can then take it to the next level and maintain their own website.
.-= Michelle´s last blog ..Business Working Capital For Purchase Of Medical Equipment =-.

Charles Kaluwasha March 14, 2010 at 3:41 am

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These are legitimate ,trusted work at home that one can trust. They have proven and stood firm with good records

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