Top Youtube Video on Small Business: Entrepreneurship

by J.Crawford on August 1, 2009

I came across this small business videoon YouTube the other day and wanted to share it here at CreateLiberty.Com….Hope you appreciate the video as much as myself and some of my friends on TWITTER.

I often look for quality content to post on my small business blogs and it is easy to post video so I often go to YouTube for good small business videos. Its tough to find them, as you may have already noticed.  So many of the videos posted on YouTube are commercial in nature and aren’t really worth posting on this blog. 

I think this short video captures the “invisible element” of the economy and that is the entrepreneurial spirit.  The spirit of the entrepreneur is what has driven the economy of this country. Check it out and let us know what you think. It does start slow, but give it a watch and comment on the video if you like/dislike or agree/disagree.


Small Business Video on YouTube
Small Business Video: Entrepreneurial Spirit

Thanks for watching. 

What are some others small business video you would like to see?

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