Using WordPress:Is WordPress Good For Small Business Website?

by J.Crawford on December 11, 2008

As many of you know and others might have guessed, Create Liberty Enterprises uses wordpress cms (content management system). Should you use wordpress? Not sure, I’ll tell you why I use wordpress for this small business website and why I plan on using it for other online business concepts in the future though…

I use self hosted wordpress for one reason, it works!  What’s that mean? Well I’m an entrepreneur, and I like good ideas, smart ideas and ideas that make money. As I’ve grown older, I also like ideas that have a passive element to them. I use wordpress because it has passive elements. Social networking is the craze, I benefit when a social network-er visits and stumbles or diggs my post. I don’t have to do anything, see the little icons at the bottom, yeah those little things help me promote my site. WordPress is a system and when it is used correctly you can get passive, and free traffic from the search engines.  I earn a little money from that free traffic just from the ads on the site. This blog has been online with wordpresssince June of this year (2008) I get a few thousand page views a month. I couldn’t do that with blogger, Yeah, I know, it can be done, I just have better luck with wordpress. I do have blogger blogs as well and they have helped making this blog a success, but I’m sticking to my story, wordpress rocks. (check out the wordpress guide at the bottom of this post)

Is WordPress good for a Small Business Website?

Small business owners are bull headed, no surprise. So they do what they want to do. Problem is why they do what they want to do. Small business websites are viewed by entrepreneurs as stores, or representations of themselves and their business, there not. A website is a reality. A self contained, self advancing, and self creating reality. Only a dumb ass would build a store, office building or small business in the middle of nowhere, and that is what most website online really are. Small business owners are not dumb asses and neither are the web designers and sales people on the internet. The designers and marketers know what the unknowing entrepreneur will buy, so that is what they sell. WordPress, because of its functionality and architecture is like a small business location with roads coming to it from all directions.  Some roads are unfinished, some are not good, some are great and will bring steady traffic or customers from day one…when done correctly.

If your contemplating whether or not using wordpress is is the best route to take, spend some time looking at source code. It is sometimes difficult to tell by looking at a website, if it is wordpress or not. Right click anywhere on the web page (besides a photo) and click “view source” nose around a bit, near the top and you will find many of the website you really like are indeed, wordpress websites.

The functionality of wordpress is superior to most systems I’ve seen. The support is second to none. The themes are wonderful in wordpress, and changing the entire look of your small business websitecan literally be done in under five minutes. Keep in mind, I am not talking about wordpress. com, I’m talking wordpress. org, There is a free version of wordpress, and a “self hosted” version. If you are looking to use the wordpress site as a small business website, go with “self hosted”. Register you own domain, and find a web host.

If you want to get natural search engine traffic, the free kind, and want to control your website with ease and on your own, wordpress is worth a look. If you are looking for guide that will show you step by step how to use wordpress visit this guide. It is inexpensive under ($100 bucks) and will save you months of time and tons of head aches, believe me.

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Brandon Allen December 12, 2008 at 2:47 am

As a fellow word press user, I concur. This is a great tool to build a platform and a following.

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