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by J.Crawford on January 4, 2009

I’ll talk about what makes a web business a web business in this article and why web based tools are really the element of online business that provide freedom and mobility. I won’t get too bogged down in the technical jargon, I just thought to mentions some of the ways the Internet has improved my life as an entrepreneur. You invited to comment, to add your two cents, and share how the Internet has allowed you to build a better business.

Lets start with the obvious… The website your reading right now is a web-based business tool in that I don’t need to sit a my own PC to update it. I use word-press, which is a CMS (content management system) for publishing to the to the web. When I first installed word-press I knew nothing of html, java, or anything really, about building a website. Word-press is one web based tool that lets the user start with what they do know and build from their. Many web tools operate the same way, thankfully!

I only use web based tools. Think of it as the most common form of out sourcing. I don’t own a server and don’t want to. Many of the web based toolsI use are free or “open source”. Word-press for example is free and built by the community that use it. Great business model. Responsible, functional, and innovating…(Literally) constantly.

Web business is a lot about creating,moving, and sharing information and web business tools make that possible. Information is the currency of the web and collaboration the commerce. Websites,blogs,forums,video sharing sites,twitter,and social media sites are a few of the many ways people create and share information with clients, team members, the general public.

Because web business attempts to communicate value,complexities, and function in order to automate the educational or sales/marketing process, tools are needed. For example, people think in pictures and they also learn in pictures. Mind mapping, while not a new concept, is done on line by using web based tools. Below is an example of a mind mapping tool you can use from anywhere to communicate complex ideas to your audience.

Mind mapping tool.

Have you ever been meeting with a client and found the need to grab a piece of paper and draw a picture?  Well in a web business, you’ll anticipate a clients lack of clear understanding and create a drawing with a web based tool to, essentially, accomplish the same thing. In this case you don’t need to be setting in the chair next to them, you could be a continent away. Here is a great tool web business entrepreneur are using to effectively draw pictures.

Drawing Web based Platform

If you really need your client to “be there” then video is going to be your web business medium.  A video is one of the best teaching or “show and tell” methods there is online and there are many web based ways to share a video.  Simply go to a video sharing site like google and upload a video, copy the link and send it via email.

The last tool I’ll talk about specifically is audio. I personally like audio for two reasons. #1 it gives my eyes a break. #2 I can multi-task by starting an audio or podcast and continue on with  SEO other marketing tasks associated with web business customer acquisition. 

Want to learn about pod-casting?

Web business ideas number in the millions and one of the unique things about the world wide web is that the way things are done is a major market to web business entrepreneur.  Most of the successful web business ideas are just changing the way we do things, not what we do.  The products build on human interaction and help make it personal and effective even though we might be separated by an ocean. Web business challengesspace and time in many regards.  Think about a difficult problem and while talking with someone in another country you use a search engine to find its already been solved, you IM the person a link and you’ve effectively saved months of time in what would have been a costly sales process or some other process.

What are some of your favorite web based tools that help you web business operate more efficiently or even make it possible at all?

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