Top Web Business Ideas That Make Money: Low Cost

by J.Crawford on October 14, 2010

I’d say over 90% of the small business ideas I talk about on this site are really web business ideas that are low cost, easy to start and really quite profitable compared to other more traditional business endeavors.  One question a smart business owner or entrepreneur needs to ask themselves is ” How much will it cost to fail”? Not all business ideas succeed for whatever reasons and I recommend starting a web business that you can afford to fail at.

The thing with the best web business idea I can think of for a beginner is failing really isn’t a concern as you won’t have expenses that will drive you out of business and the nature of the business concept is fail proof.  Transition may be necesary but it wont cost you money and it wont render the time you have spent previous as wasted.  Try fitting most traditional business ideas into that mold…

Granted we can all learn from our mistakes but with the web business idea I’m about unvail (it’s really nothing new)  the things you’ve tried and haven’t work, almost always help you with the ones that do!

Most successful small business ideas didn’t start out the way they might look today and it’s really not different with home based web business ideas.  You have to start somewhere and that’s really the key… And where most people fumble there entry into the entrepreneurial world.  Things won’t be perfect at the start, they don’t need to be. Having some sort of a business plan is nice but plans don’t make money.

So what’s my top money making web business idea?

Start a money making website!

Oh… keep this in mind, you wont start a web based business with a website or blog and be making 10k per month, next month, like you may have seen advertised.  But there are some sound business reasons for this being your first step to starting a successful business. Here are a few:

  1. Your website will be a hub for all the different ideas you implement.
  2. It will be a launch pad for differnet money making ideas.
  3. It will become a valuable asset over time.
  4. It will allow you to launch other successful websites and earn money much faster than before.

Depending on where you are right now and how bad you want to own a home based business that make passive income these ideas may seem insignificant, but trust me you’ll understand over time.  I’ve started dozens of websites, not all of them are profitable to day, but some are. I’ve used about every “platform” I can think of over the past few years and I’ve spent (invested) a lot of time learning how to be successful in business and more specifically how have a successful web based business.

If you would like to be earning money as quickly as possible and ONLY learn the things you need to to in order to do that, I’d get some help.  Help? …..

Yep. I didn’t get much help, save what I pieced together on my own the first couple years and I WASTED a ton of time. To be honest It took me over 18 months to even earn over $100 dollars a month!!! I guess I wanted a home based business that earned passive income really bad!

So here is what I recommend you do. Go over and check this low cost way to start a website  (like this one) and lean how  to actually develop a web based business that makes money.  Doing the way they will teach you offers you more opportunity than you could possible take full advantage of even if your REALLY motivated (and love coffee)

Oh, and by the way, if you have a successful home based business idea you would like to share with our readers, please do so in comments.  Feel free to offer tips and strategies that have worked for and those you’ve found to be a waste of time.

The next post will be about a project I’ve been working on in my local community. It’s a traditional business I really feel passioante about and I’m going to share how I’m using the Internet to assist that business idea.

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Top Web Business Ideas That Make Money: Low Cost
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Corinne Floyd November 4, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Excellent advice about making a money making blog. The points you made about the blog being a hub blog and a launch pad for more blogs plus a valuable asset over time are the skills that are essential to a long-term business. The skills we teach at Small Biz Incubator.
I copied an excerpt from your post to share.

Paskolos internetu October 18, 2010 at 1:29 pm

I found in this course very huge list of tips how to make money in Internet. Thanks a lot :)

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