What is the Best Online Business?

by J.Crawford on December 11, 2011

You don’t have to invent the next Microsoft or Face-Book to start a hugely successful online business and, in fact, starting an online business is much easier than most people think. So what is the best online business?  While several good online business ideas come to mind a few really stand out as being sound business start up ideas  that a very large number of people could choose as their very own business start up for 2012.  I think good entrepreneurs often times are able to look at what is going on in their community and spot good markets that are ripe with opportunity and it really is no different on the Internet, it’s just a much bigger community. Over the last few years I’ve feel I’ve found the best way to make money from home and I didn’t need to hire one employee or buy a store front.

Newer Internet companies like iContact and even Twitter at some point followed this simple formula of “looking around the community” to find opportunity.  Here is the thing though, when I think of the best online business to start I keep it a whole lot more simple than an email marketing company or the next big social media giant and so should you…..  There are huge opportunities in the online business industry and some are very accessible to just about anyone.

Granted, if you have the vision and passion to create the “next big thing”, by all means carry on.  I wish you all the best.  Over the last several years I’ve noticed most visitors here are looking for a business online they can create to earn some extra money and most want to do it in their spare time.  I’ve met dozens of college students that have built a profitable online business and many of them consider this the best business for them because they can do it without a lot of risk, time or money.  They can at least get started without much of those three, and that is important to first time entrepreneurs. I wrote an article on the best way to make money from home for beginners just last week.

What is the Best Online Business?

I’ve had less than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur so I don’t attempt to be an expert.  But I have had experience with successful offline, more traditional, business model AND online business ideas.  There is a big difference between an online business and a brick and mortar business, depending on the online business you choose to start.  The thing that interest me most about a business model is scalability.  I like to ask myself:  Am I going to love this business if it is actually successful?

I’ve learned the hard way that not all businesses scale well and when they don’t it really sucks.  So I would say the best online business is one that scales, for sure.  Another important element to me when choosing the best online business is how much work will be require to maintain the business.  This question can be answered many times by analysing the systems in place that turn the busines idea into a real online business.  For example, if you start an online business by writing web content for people, it will be difficult to get paid if you decide to stop writing, it isn’t much of a business model.  It is a decent self-employment model and some people do well with it.

The Internet is wonderful, in that it creates so many possibilities to implement ideas and that creates a ton of opportunity.  Lets go back to the example of the article writing online business.  Let’s say that same person who enjoys writing article decided to write some article and create a website with those articles.  Then our aspiring author contacted some folks who might sell products or services that relate to those articles and invited them to consider advertising on his new site.  This is one way to create an online business out of skill you might already possess and the Internet makes this possible. I’ve done it several times.

I would say the best online business ideas are ones that let you do just that, turn a skill you already have or can acquire into a business system that allows you to get paid over and over.  While this might sound easy, it really isn’t.  First off it is difficult to do something, especially in the beginning, that you don’t know will work.  There is a big difference in writing 10 articles for $100 and writing ten articles and then posting them to a website. You have to learn how to set a website up, you have learn what a good “niche” to write about would be from a commercial standpoint, then you have to learn how to get traffic to your website.  All this has to be done before you’ll earn a penny, and that is difficult for people who may not have attempted it before. The good thing is it is easy to learn these things very quickly today, I found a membership site the other day that teaches this stuff in a brilliant way.  I’ve essentially came to the point on my own where I do most of what they teach, but it took me over 3 years to do it.

The Best Online Business For Beginners

Actually if you looking for the best online business, the one I just described has many different names and nuances, but I’m telling you from personal experience it is one of the best online businesses to start for a lot of reasons.  If you want an online business that you can create a significant, recurring income with that will pay you bills and then some, it is a great business model.  Back in 2004 I started looking for the best way to start an online business and creating blogs or websites that earn money is a major component of that business today.

Knowing what is the best online business for a beginner should take several important factors into consideration, here are a few of them.  First off you probably don’t have a whole lot of money to risk when your first starting out, so don’t.  It’s unlikely that first business a young entrepreneur tries will end being the “jackpot” business idea of the century, so don’t try to become Donald Trump overnight. Create a realistic, but meaningful, goal and stick to it untill you’ve realized your goal.  One of my early goals was to create an online business that earns $3,000 per month in a very passive way.  I didn’t care how hard I had to work in order to create that business, I just wanted to know that once I did the work the business would continue to pay me over and over, month after month.  I figured if I could meet that income goal with my online business I would have the “breathing room” I need to make good decisions and take advantage of more opportunities as they arose.  That was my goal, it meant something to me and it was a compelling goal to.  That goal inspired me to work, a lot, and I knew it would be worth it. If your looking for ideas to get started making money online you could read guest post I wrote on the “Best Home Business Ideas for 2012“.

The best online business, or any business for that matter, for a beginner to start is one that can create a compelling result worth working hard for.  I’ve been the “business opportunity” bit too,  while I don’t recommend it and didn’t have directly favorable experience, it did help me clarify what I wanted out of the business I started.  It helped me to define my “best online business”, so to speak.   I wanted what these business opportunity recruiter were selling, which was basically just time and money.  At that point I had had both, but never at the same time.  It seemed like I worked 90 hours a week and it didn’t matter if I have $150,000 in the bank.  And when I had a lot of time, usually in the winter, I was broke.

Choosing the Best Online Business

Another good point to make about choosing the best online business to start is to say:  Make sure you start a business that you are truly passionate about and interested in.  The chasing money game never turns out well.  When you are deciding what type of business you are going to start online, make sure you have  a deep seated reason for starting it.  For many people, myself included, the result that the business will create is the where the passion comes in.  When I started building websites that make money every month I could have started some in the home security niche, there was a ton of money to be made in that niche.  But I had no real interest in the topic so I picked something else I was interested in and I’ve actually earned more money because of it.

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